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Elisa Gaudet – Founder of Women’s Golf Day

On June 6, 2017, about 30,000 women in 46 countries at about 700 locations played golf in the second annual worldwide Women’s Golf Day.  Congratulations to Women’s Golf Day founder, Elisa Gaudet, for making it happen.

But let’s think about all thousands of women who did not come to Women’s Golf Day.  Some probably feared embarrassment as a “beginner” or “never-ever-golfer.” Others may have stayed away because they didn’t have a friend to go with and feared being a “loner” at the event.  Others still believing that golf is a man’s game just didn’t believe that women would really be welcome on the golf course.

The sad fact is that the number of women who “might” have attended Women’s Golf Day – absent their fears – is probably greater than those who did attend.  Secondly, sadly and more important is that many of the 30,000 women who participated in the event may not come back to play golf again.  They may not come back unless current women golfers are taking the next steps to make sure that the “Women Welcome Here” mat stays at the bag drop and pro shop.

Years ago the National Golf Foundation – a major golf association in the United States – asked me to write a book for golf professionals and facility managers about “how” to market golf to women.   The book, “Women Welcome Here! A Guide to Growing Women’s Golf” was published in 2003.  (It is still available on www.ngf.org and was required reading for a time in the LPGA Teacher and Club Professional certification program.

The last chapter in the book – just two pages — is still my favorite:  “Advice to Women Golfers – And It’s Not How to Hit a Ball.”   I have since changed the title of that last chapter.  It now reads: “Why Women Golfers Must Be Leaders” because that’s what women golfers have to do. Read “Why Women Golfers Must Be Leaders” on womensgolf.com or on my website www.nancyberkley.com.

I don’t want Women’s Golf Day to be just a one-day event. I want it to be an everyday event!  An important key is to make sure that women are represented on all the important committees of a golf facility – not just the “Women’s Golf Committee” and to learn how to communicate with the course professionals and managers to effectively lead change.

I want to see women golfers “Taking the Next Step” and I’m suggesting how to do it.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Live Longer, Play Golf.


Nancy Berkley Mike Whan LPGA Commissioner Womens Golf interview 2017
Nancy Berkley with LPGA Commissioner, Mike Whan, at the LPGA T&CP Awards Ceremony, PGA Merchandise Show in January 2017.

Nancy Berkley is an expert on women’s golf, and junior-girls golf in the U.S. A special interest of hers is encouraging women to enjoy golf with their business colleagues, clients, and friends. Nancy is a member of the World Golf Foundation Women’s Committee and a member of the National Golf Foundation. Nancy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Harvard University, Rutgers Law School and has a degree from the Professional Management Program of Harvard Business School.

Nancy is an active golfer at Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club, her home course in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, where she plays both social and competitive golf.  Her current Handicap Index on the USGA GHIN system is 17.5. Describing herself as a good bogey golfer with permanent potential, Nancy shares news about women’s golf – along with her opinions on berkleygolfconsulting.com and nancyberkley.com. She attended the 2013 Solheim Cup in Colorado and the 2015 Solheim Cup in Germany and is looking forward to on-site reporting from the Solheim Cup in Iowa in August 2017.

You can also follow Nancy on Facebook and Twitter.


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