Most people don’t notice that their stance is too wide, it just gravitates there over time. Rarely does a student come to me with a stance that’s too narrow. Most of the time their feet are spread too far apart at address.

And when this happens, it is a red flag that they have some balance issues in their swing.

Watch this short video to make sure that you have the proper width in your stance.

As a rule of thumb, you want the inside of your feet to be no wider than your shoulders with your driver which is the longest club in your bag. But if you are standing at address with a pitching wedge and have a driver-width stance, the chances are that you’ve got some balance issues.

Your stance needs to be a little more narrow with your shorter clubs and then get wider with your longer clubs where you need to support a bigger swing circle.

If you suspect that your stance is too wide, hit some balls with your wedge or a 9-iron and your feet just one or two clubhead widths apart. The test is to see if you can swing and still keep your balance. Put your feet together, take a couple swings and see if you can brush the grass and still keep your balance. If you find you that you are losing your balance and taking a step, then you have some balance issues that you need to address in your swing.

Paying attention to the width of your stance will really make a big difference and it will help you become more consistent.

You CAN do this!


Kathy Hart Wood - Womens Golf
Kathy Hart Wood

In August 2017, Kathy Hart Wood was ranked as one of LPGA Teaching and Club Professional’s Top 50 LPGA Teachers

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Kathy graduated from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina with a degree in Economics. She comes from a talented golf family. Her father is a highly regarded Club Professional, her brother is a PGA Tour player and her husband, Mark, is a well-respected Golf Instructor. Kathy resides in Tewksbury, New Jersey and has three daughters.

Kathy currently teaches at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, NJ. and can be contacted at For more information visit and Follow Kathy on Facebook and Instagram.



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