The most common reason golfers top the ball is their fear of hitting the ground. Another reason is bending the elbows at impact causing the clubhead to strike the top part of the ball.

What to Practice to Stop Topping the Ball:

  1. Practice bouncing the club on the ground to get used to the feel of reaching and hitting the ground
  2. Keep your head centered and bounce the club back and through
  3. Pretend that pine cones, leaves and tees are the ball and hit those while bouncing the club Work on keeping your left arm straight when you take the club back
  4. Turn your shoulders so you are able to keep your arm straight while taking the club back
  5. Concentrate on keeping the left arm straight going back and then back to the ball
  6. Practice this over and over until your club reaches the ground at impact every time.

You do not need to help the ball up in the air! The face of the club will lift the ball up in the air as long as you do not raise up at impact.

Kathy Nyman Womens Golf
Kathy Nyman

Kathy Nyman is an LPGA Class A Teaching Professional and U.S. Kids Certified Instructor at Deercreek Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kathy learned to play golf at the age of 15, she played for Florida State University and on the Symetra Tour after graduation. Believing in learning while playing, after earning her status as an LPGA Teaching Professional, Kathy started developing programs focused on real-life situations on the golf course. 
Kathy Nyman Rain Girl GolfIn 2013, Kathy designed an innovative and fashionable line of rainwear for women and junior golfers – Rain Girl Golf.  As a golfer herself, she knew what would be comfortable, practical and not interfere with playing the game.  Her designs were included in the “Best New Product” category at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.  The Rain Girl Golf line has continued to grow and her unique Rain Girl hat is an increasingly popular prize at women’s events.
For more information see: and follow Kathy on Facebook and Twitter @RainGirlGolf.



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