When you are near the green and you must chip it because there is a sprinkler head between you and the hole, try using the Toe Chip. There are some other good reasons to have this as a good option.

When would you need to use a ‘Toe Chip’ shot?

  • When you need to only carry the ball between one and three feet over something as small as a sprinkler head
  • When you are trying to chip into the grain and don’t want the grass to grab your club
  • When it is a downhill chip and you want to put a tiny bit of spin on the ball instead of getting too much roll with a putter

Here’s how to play the toe chip shot

  • Address the ball with the club vertical to the ground (no forward press) with only the toe of the club touching the ground.
  • Stand very close to the ball with your feet close together and in the back of your stance, feel like you are almost on top of the ball.
  • Grip way down on the club so that the butt of the club can rest on your forearm.
  • Brush the tip of the club back and forth like a putter on your practice swing.
  • Do not break your wrist and use an even back and through putting the stroke.
  • Keep your arms very stiff to make a tight triangle with your arms and shoulders.
  • The Sand Wedge will help you get a little bit of spin and very good for short downhill chips, but you can use a Gap Wedge, Pitching Wedge or 9-iron if you would feel more comfortable.

If you chip the ball off the toe of the golf club, it will feel like a dull hit resulting in a soft, slow shot off the club. This can help you control the ball and get it over small obstacles and close to the hole.


Kathy Nyman Womens Golf
Kathy Nyman

Kathy Nyman is an LPGA Class A Teaching Professional and U.S. Kids Certified Instructor at Deercreek Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kathy learned to play golf at the age of 15, she played for Florida State University and on the Symetra Tour after graduation. Believing in learning while playing, after earning her status as an LPGA Teaching Professional, Kathy started developing programs focused on real-life situations on the golf course. 

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