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Changing the Trajectory of Your Shots Around the Green

In this short game video lesson, Elena King shows you how to control the trajectory of your chip shots to give you more options around the green and lower your scores.

Pitching Secrets and Mistakes

LPGA instructor Jamie Engelkemier demonstrates how to dial in your pitch shots to the right distance and reduce your scores.

How to Play the Toe Chip Shot

Speciality shots around the green can really help you get up and down. LPGA teacher Kathy Nyman shows you when and how to play the 'Toe Chip' shot.

Using Your Hybrid Around the Green

In this video lesson, LPGA Teacher, Elena King demonstrates how using your hybrid can save you shots around the green.

Eliminate the Scoop in your Chipping

In this video lesson, Debbie O'Connell from Golf-Positive shows you how to improve your short game technique and lower your golf scores with her 'anti-scoop' chipping drill.

How to Stop Decelerating on your Putts

In this video, Marvin Sangüesa from the Joey D Golf Performance Center, and Hayley Kaplan demonstrate a simple drill to help you stop leaving your putts short

Chipping and Pitching Essentials

Australian professional golfer and instructor, Anne Rollo with some great tips to help you get your chipping and pitching distances just right.

How to Chip Using the Ratio Method

When you are just off the green and feel that you are a little too far away to putt, it is time to put ratio chipping into action.