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How to Mark Your Ball on the Green

LPGA Top 50 Teacher, Debbie O'Connell shows you how to mark your ball on the green and line it up to give yourself the best chance of making your next putt.

How to Stop Decelerating on your Putts

In this video, Marvin Sangüesa from the Joey D Golf Performance Center, and Hayley Kaplan demonstrate a simple drill to help you stop leaving your putts short

Distance Control Putting Game

In this video, Lucy has a fun game for the practice putting green to give you confidence and distance control.

Learning the Art and Science of Putting

National President of the LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals, Deb Vangellow describes all the factors for getting the ball into the hole with a consistent speed.

Control Your Putting Distance With This Easy Drill – Ruby Kurtelius

Singapore based LPGA Teaching Professional, Ruby Kurtelius shares her ladder drill for learning distance control on the greens - particularly with your long putts.