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Keep Your Swing On Plane by Blending Your Arms and Pivot

In this video lesson, LPGA Class 'A' Instructor, Cathy Schmidt demonstrates an easy way to ensure that your swing is on plane by checking the synchronization of your arms and body pivot.

Try My Anti-Casting Chair Drill – Trillium Rose

Casting can be a real power leak in your swing. In this video, Trillium Rose shows you an easy and fun drill you can do indoors to maintain your lag and prevent casting.

How to Build Speed and Power into your Swing

LPGA Top 50 Teacher, Alison Curdt shows how using the ground more effectively in your swing will translate to more speed, power, and distance.

Working on the Towel Drill

Lucy Davies demonstrates the towel drill which can help you to establish a good connection between your arms and body in your swing.

Cindy Miller’s Anti-Slice Drill

In this exclusive video, LPGA Legends Tour player Cindy Miller demonstrates how to permanently fix your slice.

My Quick Fix for Your Shank – Trillium Rose

There's nothing worse in golf than shanking the ball! In this video, Trillium Rose show you an easy way to get your swing on the right track and avoid the shank.

Eliminate the Scoop in your Chipping

In this video lesson, Debbie O'Connell from Golf-Positive shows you how to improve your short game technique and lower your golf scores with her 'anti-scoop' chipping drill.

Flip Your Club Upside Down for More Clubhead Speed

In this video, former LPGA Tour player, Cindy Miller demonstrates how to generate more distance with a practice drill guaranteed to increase your clubhead speed.