Mental Game

How to Play Like a Tour Player

Sport Psychologist, Dr. Nick Molinaro takes you through the do's and don'ts of playing high-level golf.

How to Stop Your Hands From Shaking

Sport Psychologist, Dr. Nick Molinaro recommends some effective techniques to help you stop your hands from shaking when putting

Slow Play and Your Type-A Tendencies

When you are playing behind or with slow players, change your own attitude and behavior to play well and enjoy your golf regardless of the pace of play.

How to Enter the Flow State in Golf

Sport psychologist, Dr. Nick Molinaro explains how the right pre-competition preparation can help golfers get into the high performance state of 'flow'.

How Do You Practice Golf?

Dr. Nick Molinaro with the help of LPGA Tour Player, Diana D'Alessio, shows you how to practice golf optimally and get the most out of your game.

Imagine That: 3 Types of Imagery Used by LPGA Tour...

With the help of Dottie Pepper, Sports Psychologist, Dr. Nick Molinaro describes the different types of mental imagery used by professional golfers.

Short Game Imagery to Help you Around the Green

LPGA Master Professional, Deb Vangellow on using aircraft landing imagery to get creative around the green.

Practice Golf with a Purpose – Nicole Damarjian

Instructor in the LPGA Teacher Education Program, Nicole Damarjian Ph.D. continues her series on effective golf practice with fun and focus.