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Choose the Right Option When You are in a Bunker

Get out of the bunker in one shot. In this video lesson, LPGA Hall of Fame teacher, Nancy Quarcelino shows you the best options from the sand.

How to Play the ‘Fried Egg’ Bunker Shot

Cindy Miller solves the dreaded 'Fried Egg lie'. What do you do when you find your golf ball buried in the sand and up against the lip of the bunker? | Video by American Sports Productions.

How to Play From an Uphill Lie in a Bunker

In this video, LPGA Hall of Fame teacher, Nancy Quarcelino demonstrates the club selection and technique you need to get the ball close to the flag from an uphill lie in a bunker.

How to Play the Fairway Bunker Shot – Cathy Kim

Director of Player Development at TPC Summerlin, Cathy Kim demonstrates her technique for playing the fairway bunker shot (video).

Don’t Get ‘Trapped’ in the Sand

For many of us, the sight of a sand trap creates anxiety. Understanding the modifications you must make to your already solid full swing set-up and how to use the sand wedge can help bunker play to become a strong part of your golf game.

Should You Open Your Clubface in the Bunker?

Maria Palozola shows you how to open your clubface in the bunker to make getting out of the sand simple and fun.