LOOK OUT! The Road to the LPGA Symetra Tour 2017 is gonna be a wild ride. The LPGA’s developmental tour has been delivering great golf and great opportunities for over 35 years now (under a few different sponsor names).

And there’s no telling what could happen this year. But, fear not! I do have some ideas! Yep, just for you, here’s an early peak at some 2017 Symetra Tour possibilities… let’s call it my Look Out List if you will… as in… “Look out, this girl is good!” or “Look out, this is gonna be a real golf tournament!” or “Look out, the Abominable Snowman just ran across the fairway!”.

I guess I could have called it a Fore-List but that implies bad news… and I’m thinkin’ positive right now folks… so this is all good. Yeah… go ahead… AND. GET. EXCITED!

Allie’s Top Five Look Out List for the Symetra Tour 2017

1Look out for Laura Wearn and Natalie Sheary!

Laura Wearn – image credit: Symetra Tour

2Look out for the Legends at French Lick! 

The Pete Dye Course at the French Lick Resort in Indiana. | Image credit: Symetra Tour

3Look out for the bounce back kids!

2015 Guardian Retirement Championship winner, Rachel Rohanna | image credit: Symetra Tour

4Look out for California!?

From what I can tell, from my sneak-peek preview of the 2017 schedule, it looks like the Symetra Tour will play three events in California this year. For the past few years the Tour has played at Tukwet Canyon in Beaumont, California and that has been the entire portion of western events. It looks like this new Cali Swing will happen around March and April.

With the Symetra Tour’s Title Sponsor, Symetra being an insurance company based out of Washington State it makes sense for the Tour to establish itself out west. Not to mention, all the talented golfers from the west coast will also appreciate the move. Hopefully, this can be the beginning of a more equally distributed geographical schedule. I think a big Western Swing could bring more people out to watch and more equality in the schedule for players from all over. I approve of the move!

5Look out for “The Goose”!

Clariss Guce – winner of the 2016 Decatur-Forsyth Classic | image credit: Symetra Tour
Allie WhiteAllie White from Lancaster, Ohio, is a professional golfer and golf journalist. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Journalism at Ohio University. With four years of experience on the Symetra Tour, a cut-made at the 2009 U.S. Women’s Open, and a 2016 Ohio Open Championship, White hopes to continue her golf career during her academic breaks.
“I grew up on an 88-acre farm in Southeast Ohio and currently live in the same area with my dog Finley where I cheer like crazy for all of my favorite Ohio sports teams. I love to play my guitar, listen to music, watch movies, and read good stuff!

My two biggest golf dreams are to play in Toledo Ohio’s LPGA event and to make it back to another US Open. I’m still hunting for that first hole in one!”

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Feature photo: Casey Grice by Scott A. Miller.
All Images courtesy of LPGA media, Symetra Tour (Scott A. Miller)



  1. Good luck to them all this year. Historically it has always been a tough jump from the Symetra to the LPGA. I think only about 30 or 40 percent of the players who earn their cards through the top 10 are able to keep them beyond their first full season on the LPGA. The pressure must be intense, not to mention the level of competition on the big stage. 1 over par, at worst, is all you can afford to shoot in rounds on a regular basis if you want to make many cuts on the LPGA. And you’d better shoot a lot of rounds in the 60’s if you want to make enough money to maintain your full status beyond the first year.


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