Have you ever wondered how your golf club should start to swing away from the golf ball properly and if this changes with each club in your bag?

Watch my short video to find out:

How to Use Your Turn to Get the Correct Swing Plane

If you simply keep your lead underarm close to your chest as you start your backswing this will help guide you to perfect backswing path. Your lead underarm just needs to brush across your chest to give you a naturally curving path and this will help to adjust your path appropriately as the length of each club changes.

As your arm stays close to your body, the momentum of the swinging club and your arms will help to pull your shoulders to turn as a result and therefore be a natural motion.

As you set up in the same good golf posture with each club, your distance from the ball will change to allow you to get into the same body position but change your distance from the golf ball. As you are farther from the ball the curve of your backswing will naturally adjust due to the changing distance from your golf ball.

So remember to set up into good golf posture for all of your clubs and allow your underarm to swing across your chest. By following the steps in this lesson you will have the proper curving path and perfect shoulder turn for each and every club in your golf bag.


Kellie Stenzel - Womens Golf
Kellie Stenzel

Kellie Stenzel is a PGA Master Professional and Class A LPGA Teaching Professional. She is a member of the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America, Golf for Women Top 50 Teachers list as well as Golf Digest’s Top Teachers in Florida list and #24 on Golf Digest 50 Greatest Women Teachers.

Originally from Geneva, New York, Kellie’s grandfather was a PGA Professional and her father played briefly on the PGA Tour. After graduating from high school, she attended Furman University in Greenville, S.C., and played four years of Division I Women’s golf. During her senior year at Furman, the team finished second in the nation at the NCAA finals.

After college, Kellie played professionally for five years on several tours around the world including the Futures Tour, The European Tour, Asian Tour, South African Tour and Australian Tour. She has over 15 years of teaching experience and presently runs the Kellie Stenzel Golf Academy at the Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida. Kellie also teaches at Palm Beach Country Club in Palm Beach, Florida

Contact Kellie by email or phone 561-714-7305. For more information visit her website kelliestenzel.com and follow Kellie online on TwitterFacebook, and Youtube

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