Would you like to lower your golf scores by improving your short game? Here’s how you can make your chipping better by combining the right fundamentals with my easy anti-scooping drill.

Fundamental Set Up for Chipping

When you set up, most of the time you will want to have seventy percent of your weight towards the target. Play the ball back in your stance closer to your trail foot. Another very important key is to keep your wrists nice and firm when you’re swinging back and through. What you definitely don’t want to do is scoop or lift the ball.

Here’s a drill to get out of that scooping action.

Take your lead arm and hold it at the very bottom of the grip.

Take the grip let that handle rest on your forearm with your trail hand.
Hold the handle and your forearm together …. now you can’t use your wrists so there’s no scoop possible.

I want you to practice chipping with this grip keeping the clubhead low to the ground and swinging with a pendulum action using your big muscles.

When you take some time to practice this anti-scoop drill, your chipping will improve and you will save shots around the green.

Golf Positive, Live Positive, Be Positive

Debbie Oconnell Womens Golf Teacher
Debbie O’Connell

Debbie is an award-winning Class A LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP), and the founder of Golf-Positive.
Debbie teaches private and group lessons and is also the
co-site director of the Greater Newark LPGA USGA Girls Golf Program.
As a seasoned media professional, Debbie is the best selling author of “Golf Positive! Live Positive!” and appears regularly on the Golf Channel.
Her positive energy and enthusiasm made her an easy choice to be the lead LPGA Professional for the LPGA Leadership Academy, whose mission is to empower teenage girls and teach them leadership skills and strategies through the game
Before establishing Golf Positive, Debbie spent over 20 years as a club professional and has received many accolades, including:
• LPGA Top 50 Best Teachers presented by Women’s Golf Journal (2017)
• LPGA Northeast Section “Teacher of the Year” (2016)
• LPGA’s prestigious Nancy Lopez Golf Achievement Award (inaugural 2007 award)
• LPGA’s National and Southeast Section “Professional of the Year” (2002)
• LPGA’s 50 Best teachers
• Golf Digest’s “50 Best Women Teachers in America”

Contact Debbie O’Connell at GolfPositive.com or by email and phone 772-708-0721.
Follow Debbie online on Twitter: @golfpositiveFacebookInstagram, and Pinterest


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