The Moment of Truth is the point at which there is no going back and all options to ‘bail’ are out (unless you are Tiger Woods and can stop mid-swing!). Before that point, a number of moves have been made or not to get your clubface, body, and mind to the point at which club face meets all 1.620 ounces (per USGA regulations) of dimpled round symmetry.

Lizzy Freemantle moment of truth - How to get repeatable impactTiming and tempo have been gracefully produced in accordance with your given mood on the day! The importance of how you got to that point is very relevant if:

  1. You want to get consistent ball flight with your shots, and
  2. You want to make it easier to do so.

So, how does one get a consistent solid impact position, one that will launch the ball at a perfect angle with boring flight?

Firstly, practice. The message with practice is quality over quantity and quality means focusing on what you are trying to recreate, not what you hope to get rid of.

There must also be a fusion of some very important elements:

  • Consistent alignment of body and weight, consistent club head position in relation to the arms, hands and path and consistent rotation.
  • Consistent club head position in relation to the arms, hands, and path, and consistent rotation.
  • Consistent rotation.

For a straight ball flight, and focusing on the moment of impact

  1. Weight should be inside leading mid-foot.
  2. Hip rotation closely followed by the shoulders arms and hands naturally turning with the body.
  3. Maintaining a stable and consistent spine angle.
  4. Clubface square to the target.

Lizzy Freemantle teaching womens golf class

All of this coming together with consistent timing and tempo that lends itself to an angle of attack pertinent to the particular club you have selected.

Timing and tempo are often left behind when it comes to practice time and for the majority of beginners, the focus can be too much on swing mechanics than good solid tempo. A lot of companies have come out with gadgets to help with this: Garmin, Blast Motion, Zepp, golf swing tempo trainer, apps, and metronomes; the list goes on. They are all good and some better than others but I do wonder how many players are actually out there working off the course on their timing and tempo specifically.

I see a lot of players go from a great round on the course to a horrific round the next day all because the rhythm has not been repeated.

Most players swing faults are magnified when their club positions are slightly out of place at a different time from the day before. So I always emphasize tempo as much as swing mechanics.

The other aspect of ensuring a consistent impact position is spine angle. If your spine angle remains unchanged from address the chances are your shots will be relatively consistent. As long as you allow the arms to go along for the ride and you aren’t waving them about like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, you are halfway there.

All good players have highly repeatable impact positions and timing.

So when you practice, make sure you have a repeatable motion at impact. No part works independently of any other and that includes those little grey cells. If you are thinking about supper tonight or 10 different swing thoughts, you might need to work on some “staying in the moment” mindfulness practices for a truly harmonious golf swing!


Womens Golf Lizzy Freemantle
Lizzy Freemantle

Lizzy Freemantle Schremp has been coaching golf for over 15 years. After receiving a scholarship to play for the University of Louisville in the United States she subsequently went on to become a PGA Professional at Oxmoor Country Club in Louisville Kentucky. Lizzy has worked with a number of other professionals and coached clients of all skill levels, ranging from beginner to professional.

Lizzy completed certification in all 6 areas of the PGA certified professional program in 2007. She was honored to receive Kentucky Section Assistant of the year, 2007, Created and developed the Oxmoor Golf and Fitness Academy and received the Titleist Scholarship Award in 2006.

Lizzy now spends most of her time coaching and fitting in the United Kingdom as one of the Professionals with Adam Bishop Golf.

Follow Lizzy Freemantle online at and on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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