Posture in golf can be difficult to perfect but it is so important. Good posture allows your body to move correctly and stay balanced. It sets you up to hit the best shot possible.

This is a simple tip that can help achieve the correct, dynamic and athletic posture you need for good golf.

Imagine you are receiving a serve in tennis…in a fairly serious game, you have your weight on the balls of your feet, your knees are bent, your back is flat, and your head is up and alert, waiting for the serve. It’s almost exactly the same as the best posture position for golf.

Golf posture is just a ready to go, athletic and dynamic position that sets you up to hit the best possible shot you can.

The next time you set up, imagine you are receiving a serve in tennis and pop the club head down on the ground and you should be just about right to hit your shot.

Good luck


Anne Rollo - womens golf newsletterAnne Rollo is one of Australia’s most accomplished Golf Professionals as a winner of 22 professional golf tournaments worldwide and with over 18 years of coaching experience.

Anne went to college at San Jose State University and led her team to victory in the 1987 NCAA Championships, finishing her collegiate career named an ‘All American’. She now teaches golf professionally at the Muirfield Golf Club and Dural Golf Range in Sydney, Australia.

icerays cooling arm sleeves Anne RolloAnne Rollo is also the owner and distributor of IceRays, the popular Australian cooling UV sun protection arm sleeves.

Contact Anne Rollo through her website, and follow her online on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.


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