Most big numbers happen from making a poor decision: picking the wrong club, trying to hit a shot that has a low success rate, or leaving yourself an impossible “next” shot.

To play smart sometimes we need to leave the ego in the clubhouse and make better choices. These may include laying up short of the bunkers, bouncing the ball on the green or leaving your driver in the bag.

Just because you own the club doesn’t mean you have to swing it!

If there is a club in your golf bag that you hit well one time 5 years ago in a charity event after two margaritas…well swinging it for the first time when you have to carry a big pond is NOT a good golf decision. This will lead to a big number on your scorecard…

Check out the video below about how to play smart so you can save shots!

We all hit errant shots every once in a while – some more than others.
We all have bad holes and make a big number every once in a while. But by playing smart you can minimize those bad holes and lower your score.

Kathy Hart Wood - Womens Golf
Kathy Hart Wood

In August 2017, Kathy Hart Wood was ranked as one of LPGA Teaching and Club Professional’s Top 50 LPGA Teachers

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Kathy graduated from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina with a degree in Economics. She comes from a talented golf family. Her father is a highly regarded Club Professional, her brother is a PGA Tour player and her husband, Mark, is a well-respected Golf Instructor. Kathy resides in Tewksbury, New Jersey and has three daughters.

Kathy currently teaches at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, NJ. and can be contacted at For more information visit and Follow Kathy on Facebook and Instagram.




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