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Would you like to partner with womensgolf.com? 

WomensGolf.com is the fastest growing online magazine for LPGA pro tour fans and golfers of all ages. We have 100,000 highly engaged social media followers (40% male), a respected and fast growing opt-in monthly newsletter, and a responsive website focused on high-quality images and videos.

Partnerships with WomensGolf.com are a unique opportunity to connect your golf related brand, products, and services with our US and international audience.

We have decided not to offer spot advertising on WomensGolf.com because the effectiveness of advertising spot placement has reduced due to changing web browsing habits and the widespread use of ad blockers. Here are some better options.

Commercial Opportunities

Inquiries are welcome from potential golf industry related business partners to:

  1. Secure a permanent page on the site with inclusion in our navigation and listing on the front page. Partners provide the information on their page – product and services information, a contact/booking form, links to their sites and social media. This offer also includes valuable additional benefits such as further promotion across the site, appropriate social media posts, and marketing in the Women’s Golf newsletter. We will also list the partner on www.golfschool.com; or
  2. Sponsor a single article and associated social media promotion or Women’s Golf Newsletter issue; or
  3. Own permanent naming rights on an article category or another part of womensgolf.com; or
  4. Invest in part ownership of womensgolf.com or golfschool.com.

If you are interested in investigating these opportunities, the first step is to complete the form below or send an email to [email protected] with details of your business and how you would like to be involved. We will contact you to discuss the best options for your business requirements.

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