My name is Olivia, I play on the Ladies European Tour and I’m really excited to be working with and sharing my journey with you guys.

Each month I will be posting what I’ve been up to, which countries I’ve visited, what I’ve seen, how I’ve played and lot’s of other insights of a pro golfer on the European Tour.

2d and 3d editions of Olivia Cowan
3D and 2D editions of Olivia Cowan

So 2017 was a good year for me but also with some ups and downs of course. I’ve been to so many amazing places this year. We started our year in Australia like always, I love going there! It is definitely one of my fave places to go. I also visited China, Morocco, Spain, Abu Dhabi, India, America, Scotland Thailand and some other cool places like Dubai as well. Dubai is a special place for me because one of my sponsors is based there JA Resorts & Hotels, trust me if you haven’t stayed at one of their hotels, you need to. I still need to visit the one in the Seychelles haha.

Anyway back to golf. I started my year off good, I was playing well on Tour and even qualified for the Ricoh Women’s British Open because of my ranking on Tour and being top 25. My back was acting up before that but I didn’t think anything of it because I’d never had any injuries before. So when I got to the Scottish Open the week before the British my back started acting up again but this time it was worse than usual. I went to physio each day but didn’t really get better and I missed the cut by one shot. Was pretty upset after all, considering it was one of our biggest events being co-sanctioned with the LPGA.

Olivia Cowan writes a player journal for
Olivia Cowan in the final round of the Mediterranean Ladies Open | Photo: Tristan Jones – Ladies European Tour

Next up was British Open and I was really feeling my back and just hoping I could play. Went to physio twice a day and took so much medication to try and get through it. My first day was a bit unlucky cause we had to stop and start sometimes because of weather issues so that didn’t help and I also felt a bit dizzy the first couple holes, I thought it was the medication so didn’t want to take it later after 9 holes when I should have and then finished bad after having to go back out without hitting balls first, six over my score was for that day. The second day I thought I was gonna pull out and not play but I don’t like doing that, so just played through and took my medication as I should that time and I actually played one of the best scores that day, playing four under. Sadly just missed the cut by one shot again.

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After that, I took a short break and then started again. But then when I was out golfing with friends my back was bad and I couldn’t move, so I went to the hospital and they did an MRI, and the result was a disc protrusion. Basically the step before a disc prolapse. Didn’t play golf for 6 weeks after that and went straight into my next event in Spain and finished 12. so was pretty happy with that.

That was the downside of my year but back to the good now. After that our schedule got pretty full so had to be careful with my back and go to physio each day. My back was still hurting a lot of the time but it was getting better.

Olivia Cowan with caddy Ben Brewer
Olivia Cowan with Ben Brewer |  Photo: Tristan Jones – Ladies European Tour

This year I played LPGA Q-School Final Stage, sadly I didn’t make it through. I was playing so well that week but I just couldn’t read the greens. The Florida grain was a big problem for me that week and that definitely cost me an LPGA tour card. But I stayed positive and headed straight to Dubai, my fave and last event of the year. I had my super Caddy Ben Brewer back on the bag helping me that week. I love having him with me, we get on really well and have a lot of fun, plus he is an amazing caddy too.

Angel Yin and Olivia Cowan - player journal for
Omega Dubai Ladies Classic winner, Angel Yin, and Olivia Cowan

I finished ninth in Dubai so was pretty happy even though I still had some putting issues I had to work through. Best of all, one of my best friends Angel Yin won the tournament so that was amazing too. It was her first ever win as a Professional, so glad I was there to witness it!

Off to England now to spend my Christmas there with family.

So that’s it. Stay tuned and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year with your family and friends.

See you in 2018!


Feature photo: Olivia Cowan at the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters 2017 by Andre Engelmann More of Andre’s great photos of Olivia

Olivia Cowan for Womens Golf
Olivia Cowan

German-born, Olivia Cowan began playing golf at the age of three thanks to her English father, Andrew who owns the Andrew Cowan Golf Academy. Olivia had a highly successful amateur career before taking first spot in the 2015 LET Access Series (LETAS) Order of Merit claiming three LETAS titles in the process.

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