Notes from Nancy – October 2017

In this month's notes, Nancy Berkley recommends a great book and writes about how easy it is to learn at your own pace from the many expert LPGA and PGA qualified instructors who take the time to publish their tips and videos.

Nancy with her Grandson, Skyler BerkleyI was beginning to write my “Notes from Nancy” for this October Newsletter when my nine-year-old grandson, Skyler (pictured right), asked me to take him to the newly released The Lego Ninjago Movie. I welcomed a break.

Who would have thought that the message of a Lego movie was going to help me write about golf lessons? But it did. The movie’s plot is familiar:  A fierce team of secret warriors defeat an evil warlord and save their city – all with the famous Lego characters.

But the final message of the movie is a big one:  What’s needed for victory is “Patience, hard work and courage.”  I turned to my grandson to discuss that message and how it applied to many challenges. But then I realized that it would also apply to my Notes about golf lessons.

Readers have probably noticed the large number of instructional videos and golf lesson articles on The golf tips attract so many readers not only because they are good but also because learning to play golf requires patience, hard work, and courage.
Golf Tips page on
To see just how much help is available on the site, simply go to the Golf Tips page and select from the following topics to find a lesson that works for you:

For example, when I am struggling on the course and know something is wrong with my swing, I keep going back to the Golf Tips section and one of Deb Vangelow’s most popular teaching tips: Watch the Collision of the Clubhead and Ball.

Another of my favorite lessons on the site that I think of over and over again is Karen Palacios Jansen’s lesson about Swinging Under Your Head to Stop Going Over the Top.

In addition to patience, golf requires hard work. Often I will go out late in the day on the golf course (not the practice tee) and work on a particular shot – over and over again.

And just like the advice offered by the Master Ninja – golf requires courage. It takes courage to stand in front of friends (or competitors) and dub a shot in the bunker or miss a 2-foot putt. It takes courage to erase that memory and move on to the next shot.

Be A Player bookOne of the newest instruction books about golf is “Be A Player” by famous instructors:  Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriot with Susan K. Reed. Nilsson and Marriott are known for their concept of “Vision54” – the score a golfer would have if she were able to birdie every hole. Their student, Annika Sorenstam, has come the closest with her score of 59 in 2001.
Pia and Lynn are currently instructors of Tour players Ariya Jutanugarn, Suzann Pettersen, and Brittany Lang to name just a few.

I like “Be a Player” because the authors stress the mental side of playing golf. Key concepts are balance, tension, and tempo. They advocate that the golfer has a “think box,” a “play box” and a “memory box.”  Combine the advice of Pia and Lynn with the Ninja’s advice of patience, hard work, and courage, and watch your game improve and your enjoyment also.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Live Longer, Play Golf.

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Nancy Lopez with Nancy BerkleyNancy Berkley (pictured here with World Golf Hall of Famer, Nancy Lopez) is an expert on women’s golf and junior-girls golf in the U.S.  Nancy is a member of the World Golf Foundation Women’s Committee and a member of the National Golf Foundation.Nancy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Harvard University, Rutgers Law School and has a degree from the Professional Management Program of Harvard Business School.

Nancy is an active golfer at Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club, her home course in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, where she is a member of the Greens Committee. Describing herself as a good bogey golfer with permanent potential, Nancy shares news and her opinions about women’s golf on and

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