One of the best things about golf is that it can be a family affair but not since the delightful Ella and Lucy Jerde have we featured golfing sisters in our Girls Golf section. Mackenzie (14) and Maggie (aged 9) Paolino from Cape Coral/Fort Myers in Florida came to our attention as young players who love playing and practicing together. Let’s meet them:

Maggie Paolino Girls Golf
Maggie Paolino

Hi girls, you live in a great area for golf. Can you remember what got you started?
Mackenzie: Dad started taking me to the driving range with him and in 6th grade when I was 12 years old I decided to try out for the middle school golf team and made it as the only girl.
Maggie: I got to go along and play around and I really liked hitting the golf balls.  I was 6 years old.

Where do you go to play and practice?
Mackenzie: I play at Coral Oaks Golf Course every Saturday and other times when I get the chance.  I like showing everyone that girls can do it just like the boys.
Maggie:  I play at the driving range at Coral Oaks.  The coaches are a lot of fun.  They play putting games with the kids and you can win a dollar.

That’s terrific, putting competitions are a lot of fun!! You’ve both got really good golf swings. Who is teaching you how to play golf?
I have lessons at Coral Oaks every Saturday with Jim Dunn.  He is the high school coach where I will be going to school next year.
I play at a golf clinic with other kids on Saturdays with coach Jim &  coach Chris.

Coach's Comments - Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn - Girls Golf
Jim Dunn Coral Oaks Golf Course (239) 573-3100

I’ve been teaching Maggie and MacKenzie Paolino for one year now. Maggie has gotten off to a wonderful start learning the basic fundamentals. MacKenzie is working very hard now improving her swing and getting ready for team play this spring. With dedication and desire, I see a bright golf future ahead for both girls.

Here are links for the girl’s golf swings on my YouTube channel.

mackenzie paolino girls golf
Mackenzie Paolino

What’s the best thing about playing golf?
Maggie: What I love about golf is that I can play with the boys and it doesn’t matter that I’m a girl.  I can still play just as good as them. 
Mackenzie: Definitely spending time with my dad and sister.

Have you got a favorite club to play with?
I love using my driver because it’s a Calloway XR and it’s my first girl driver, in the past I’ve always used boy clubs.
Maggie: I love my driver because I can hit 100 yards.

But Maggie, that’s not going to help you win the putting competitions :).

Before we finish up I’d love to know who is your favorite LPGA star player and why?
Michelle Wie because she gave me a golf ball and signed it at the CME tournament when dad took us.
Mackenzie: Morgan Pressel because we met her at the tournament and I like her personality.  She took time to talk to Maggie and me about golf, she was very nice. 

How great to catch up with such enthusiastic young players. A big thank you to the Paolino family and to Jim Dunn.


  1. These young ladies have such talent and drive, they will do great things in the future. Super proud of them and their dad for teaching them the fundamentals of a great sport!

  2. Nice swings! I wish mine was that good.
    Great to see you both & wish we lived closer so we could play together.
    Say hi to mom & dad for us.


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