Maddie, what’s your nickname on tour?
Maddog – It has been my nickname since I was young, but my feisty on-course attitude might have something to do with why it follows me everywhere.

Where are you based?
I live in the Phoenix area but grew up in Boise, Idaho.

Favorite course?
Whistling Straits – I love links-style golf and the stunning views of Lake Michigan.

Madeleine Sheils Symetra Tour profileWho has been the biggest influence on your golf?
My parents. They got me started and are my biggest supporters today.

Do you have a favorite club? 
Definitely my putter. I use a center shafted Odyssey Versa Tour 90. I love the feeling that comes with making an important putt to win a hole or save par – it’s all about the little victories along the way.

What part of your game are you working on at the moment?
I am constantly working on my pre-shot routine. I want to have a clear visual and be in a rock solid place mentally before every shot to make my performance consistent under any circumstance. During my pre-shot routine, I visualize my entire shot from start to finish and imagine what the shot will feel like at impact. When I am over the ball, I focus just on my rhythm and on creating that impact feeling.

Tell us about the golfer you admire the most?
I admire LPGA Legend Val Skinner for the way she has used her long, successful career in golf to give back in a big way through her foundation. The Val Skinner Foundation and her LIFE event have raised more than $10 million for breast cancer research, launched early-detection programs and provided clinical support for those affected by breast cancer.

What do you consider your biggest golf accomplishment in your career so far?
Winning a Symetra Tour event last June, the Firekeeper’s Hotel Casino Championship in Battle Creek, Michigan. Sometimes, I wish golf tournaments were not so often hosted in casino resorts, I never gamble or use real money online slots. I wish they were hosted near more playful accommidations, like water slides! I know, never going to happen.



Thank you, Maddie, you are set for a great season.  Any final words for our readers?
A quick shout out to my sponsor, Aromaflage, an all natural insect repellent & botanical fragrance.  I highly recommend people use Aromaflage to protect against mosquito bites.  I know I will be when the Symetra Tour starts play in Florida next month!

Featured image and profile photo credit: Scott A. Miller / Symetra Tour.

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