maddi hudsonOur latest Girls Golf player feature is 10-year old Madison Hudson from Kentucky, USA. Madison has completed her 3rd season of high school golf and has played a complete Varsity schedule this year earning her Varsity letter as a 5th Grader. With a true love for the game, Madison has the dream of one-day playing golf for the University of Georgia.

Away from golf, Madison Hudson is a Honor Roll student who donates her time and talents to a wonderful local organization, Scarf it Up, providing scarves, gloves, and hats to those in need during the winter months. Madison collects donations of fleece and makes the scarves. She also collects peanut butter and jelly for the local St. Vincent de Paul. In the lovely words of her parents, Tim and Traci Hudson – “Maddi always has the best interests of others in mind. She is such a wonderful kid. We have been so blessed as parents.

Here is our short Q&A with Madison

What made you want to start playing golf?
It first started off as me and Daddy time. We always have fun. It then became more me time once I started watching the professionals. They made it look fun for me.

Maddi Hudson girls golfWhere do you play/practice and what do you like about your course?
My home course is Eagle Creek Country Club in Crittenden, Kentucky. My favorite thing about my course is it’s challenging and I feel at home. The other course I play on is Keene Run Golf Club in Lexington, Kentucky, where I am a student at High Performance Golf. My Coach is Myra Blackwelder. I really like it there because that’s where Myra is and it has heated bays for the winter so we can practice all year round.

Myra Blackwelder is a great instructor. What do you like best about having Myra as your teacher?
My favorite times with Coach Myra are the 2-hour playing lessons we have on the course. It is just me and Coach Myra time. Also when I have lessons, Coach Myra puts it in terms that I understand as a 5th grader. Coach Myra is very patient especially with coaching kids my age. Her knowledge of the game is unbelievable since she was an LPGA tournament golfer and has so much experience.

Coach Myra's Comments

Myra BlackwelderMaddi Hudson brings enthusiasm and passion to every instruction session.  She thrives on competition so we try to incorporate challenges with outcome goals at the end of every skill development session; more often than not, she meets the goals we set.  Her favorite part of learning are our on-course playing sessions, and we try to learn a new shot each time out.  Her love for the game is contagious, and it will be fun to watch her career blossom over the next several years.
Myra Blackwelder 
High Performance Golf Channel Academy. Keene Run Golf Course, Nicholasville, Kentucky. Tel. 859.317.1042 – Follow Myra on Twitter

Myra and MaddiWhat are you working on together?
At the moment, we are working on keeping my arms in position during my swing and keeping my foot straight up and down.

What is it that you love most about the game of golf?
It challenges me because I can play at different courses and I really enjoy being outside. I get to meet new people and travel to new places. I also know my Daddy and Momma are always there to cheer me on.

Who is your favorite player and why?
Mallory Blackwelder*. Mallory is my favorite player because she has worked so very hard to get where she is and I hope my hard work pays off and I get to play for the University of Georgia and on the LPGA. I like to watch Mallory play golf because she always plays with a good attitude, she is nice and lovable. That is why she is my role model on the LPGA.

Thank you for being our featured Girls Golfer, Madison. We are so pleased to hear about how well your golf is going. Big congratulations on your good grades and your great work with Scarf it Up and St. Vincent de Paul. We look forward to following your progress over the next few years on your way to the UGA Bulldogs. Keep on working hard with Coach Myra and most of all, enjoy your golf.

*Feature photo (at top of page) is Madison Hudson with Mallory Blackwelder.