by Casey Kennedy

As a rookie on the Symetra Tour, I have come to learn that nothing is ever guaranteed, every opportunity to play presents difficulties and areas for improvement. I have learned from all of these and it has created a sense of confidence and growth in myself as a player.

Around this time last year, the first day of LPGA Qualifying school came and went and I was out of the round. This year, through perseverance, hard work and taking opportunities when they have presented themselves, I have moved onto the second stage of Q-School and now have a chance to do something I only considered a passing thought after last years’ experience.

Casey Kennedy LPGAMy biggest improvement in how I approach the game of golf has been understanding that things are not done overnight. Good things take patience, dedication, and time. I do aspire to be the best golfer I can be, but know that will only happen with consistent practice, which means waking up every day, religiously at the crack of dawn, and heading into practice from sun-up to sundown.

When I have to work at the part-time job I have which pays the bills while I chase my dream, I do the best job possible, and when I am outside of the job, I focus on all the aspects that go along with becoming a professional athlete. Mental training by educating myself about the game of golf, the psychology behind my decisions and emotions, and understanding the aspects of business that come along with being a professional, not to mention an hour of working out and running to improve my endurance.

These are the important things to focus on for October’s great opportunity. My main goal is to become a professional athlete, do the best I can for my family, my fans, and myself, and provide an opportunity for others to do the same through learning from my experiences. However, none of this would be possible if it were not for the fact that I continue to learn from my shortcomings and find ways to improve myself by growing and knowing that I have much to learn in life and on this journey. I am excited about the coming opportunity and I know that since change is the only constant thing in life, I will do the best I can while I have this opportunity as a professional golfer.

This rookie season, I am learning to adapt and to focus on carrying out my goals and vision. I always want to thank the small team that I have around me, and the kindness of those who I interact with along the way. Without them, none of this would be possible, no matter how hard I work on my own.

Casey Kennedy is a hard working and talented rookie based in Venice, Florida playing toward her LPGA card on the Symetra Tour and State Open Events across the US.

Casey is in the first days of what we think will be a long and successful career in professional golf.

You can support Casey Kennedy with a donation of any size on her fundraising page.

Follow Casey Kennedy’s progress online via her Twitter account @CaseyKGolf and on Facebook.


  1. Great article. Good luck at second stage. You have a very good attitude, which will serve you well in your pro career. At your level most of the game is between the ears. Always stay positive, no matter how many bad shots or bad rounds (everybody has them) and you can reach your goal.

  2. Casey, I’m so glad you got to use the photos I took on the second day of the second phase LPGA Qualifier. I’m a retired college professor of English, and as such I want to praise you for your writing (to say nothing of your golf).

    As far as golf goes, and if you can accept the doodlings of a dedicated senior duffer, I think a question to ponder might be:

    What state of alertness and calm, relaxed-focus can any of us actually bring to the moments of the shots themselves? As we’re standing over the ball, as we’re into our swing can we stay in that state of relaxed-focus?

    Best always,

    Mark Seiden
    Golf Columnist
    Venice Gondolier Sun


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