It is fun to look at very talented players swings and see if we can improve by observing and understanding some of the fundamentals they do so well. Here we take a close look at the swing of LPGA star, Lexi Thompson at three different speeds courtesy of GolfSwingHD.

Lexi takes the club back with great width. See how the clubhead is outside her hands when the shaft is parallel to the ground in the takeaway. So many amateurs take the club back too far to the inside of their hands and even behind their body. This cuts down on our swing circle width which is one of the important factors to create distance. The takeaway is always the best place to start improving your swing! Practice taking the club back outside the hands. It will feel different at first, but you will be gaining that precious width!

This is a shortened version of GolfSwingHD video of Lexi Thompson – used with permission. Full-length video here 

She then continues to turn at least 90 degrees into a braced lower body, which creates a great amount of torque. See how you could see the name and number on her back at the top of her backswing if you were standing at the target. As the back turns, let it distribute the majority of your weight on the inside of your trail foot with your trail knee remaining braces and flexed like Lexi does. Pretend that no one could slide paper on the inside of your trail foot during your backswing.

Lexi Thompson at the 2017 Indy Women in Tech Championship | Photo by Ben Harpring for
Lexi Thompson at the 2017 Indy Women in Tech Championship | Photo by Ben Harpring for

On the downswing, she creates even more power by a tremendous lag in her wrists. When her left arm is parallel with the ground on the downswing, see how the shaft is still pointed 45 degrees to the target side. Try keeping your back to the target longer as you make the weight transfer forward on your downswing. This should help you maintain more lag in your wrists. The sequence of bumping the lead hip forward as your back remains facing the target is the first move on the downswing. Most amateurs start rotating the upper body too early coupled with an early wrist release.

Lexi has an excellent rotation of her left hip in the downswing as she transfers her weight. Her lateral (forward) move isn’t as pronounced as others and it doesn’t need to be. Lexi properly stays behind the ball with her head as she keeps her back turned to the target, even as her hips are opening. See how open her left hip is to the target compared to the upper body at impact! This rotation while staying behind the ball is excellent! Try opening your left foot 20-30 degrees to the left in your set up. This helps the body release and rotate through the finish like Lexi.

I hope you enjoy this look at the swing secrets of one of the world’s most exciting athletes.



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