amy-walsh-LET Access Series - womens golfLast month my 2016 season on the LET Access Series continued with 4 events throughout Scandinavia.

The first of them being the Norrporten Ladies Open, held at Sundsvall Golf Club in Sweden. With that being a whole month ago now and having played 3 events since then, it’s hard to remember all the gory details of my time on the course. Which to be honest, I think it’s for the best that Sundsvall stays as a blot in my memory as there wasn’t much to smile about when it came to my game that week. I think I averaged around 6-over on the front nine and 1-under on the back to give you an idea of my struggles.

Luckily, however, I had good company off the course for the week with my 3 roomies, which consisted of 2 girls from France and a girl from Hungary. Our situation was helped by the fact that we kind of lucked out and scored a ritzy apartment for the week.

It turns out that during a month on the road- with some of that involving travelling alone, in your first year as a pro, you learn quite a lot about yourself. I know now more than ever the importance of having someone to lean on. Some sports people are fortunate enough to be able to travel with a parent, coach, caddy or significant other, which I definitely think is an amy-walsh-womens-golf-2016-ladies-european-tour-access-seriesadvantage. I mean, if you’re navigating through a foreign city with a friend and you get lost, it’ll probably end up being a laugh but on your own, it can be easy to freak out. And if you have a parent with you, they might do your washing so the list of perks is quite extensive. Thankfully, the countdown is on for me as my sister is making the trip over from Australia in a month’s time! I’ll hopefully be playing an event with her in tow in October and then get to have some time before Q-School in December.

For the remainder of the August stint, I stuck with my fellow ALPG players and had quality company off the course. My difficulties on the course continued, however, after putting myself in a pretty nice position after round 1 in the Drobak Ladies Open with a 2 under par 68, leaving me well within the top 10, I then went on to somehow miss the cut by 2.

This was followed by much of the same signs of life and flashes of disappointment at the Ladies Norwegian Open. Not to be a complete Debbie downer but unfortunately, it can happen and it can be pretty hard to accept at the time. We didn’t feel too far away from home though when we streamed the Men’s Olympic golf with the English commentary whilst simultaneously cooking steak over the makeshift open flame BBQ. The unintentionally slow cooked steak was a massive hit.

Ski Jump on the Golf Course FinlandFinally, some more promising signs to finish on with a tied 13th finish in the Evli Ladies Finnish Open. A cheeky pep talk and putting lesson from my roommate Stacey Tate at the start of the week helped me put together some more solid scores.

Playing in the second last group on the final day, I knew that the scores weren’t going to be low. Luckily I had eaten a lot of cinnamon buns in the lead-up, otherwise, I probably would’ve been blown away by the wind. I’m talking about the wind that moved my ball 15 feet on one green. Wind that I can genuinely use as an excuse for me missing a 1 and a half foot putt. It was pretty windy. After 9 holes I could see that I was in 3rd position and was holding it together pretty well but my wind putting eventually deteriorated and a double bogey on the last wasn’t a great send off but I was happy to save the best performance for the final week.

All in all, a much better week and something to hopefully build on in the coming events. 3 weeks on the road coming up for the LET Access Series!

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Feature photo: Amy with her new French friends, Julie Aime (left) and Emilie Alonso (center)