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Caddie Academy Program can lead to full Evans Scholarship

The Western Golf Association’s (WGA) Caddie Academy program is in its 6th year of providing young caddies with life changing opportunities.

Inbee Park Goes Back To Back to Back In Major Championships

Travis Puterbaugh begins his Women's Golf Highlights from the World Golf Hall of Fame series with a look at Inbee Park's spectacular major year in 2013.

Catherine Lacoste – The Only Amateur Winner of the U.S. Women’s...

"Smile at the ball" - Nancy Berkley interviews Catherine Lacoste of France, the 1967 U.S. Women’s Open Champion.

State Opens are a Beautiful Thing

How Kate Scarpetta brought back the Pennsylvania Women’s Open and Another Year in Ohio

How to Stop Your Hands From Shaking

Sport Psychologist, Dr. Nick Molinaro recommends some effective techniques to help you stop your hands from shaking when putting

How to Stop Decelerating on your Putts

In this video, Marvin Sangüesa from the Joey D Golf Performance Center, and Hayley Kaplan demonstrate a simple drill to help you stop leaving your putts short

Why Women Golfers Must Be Leaders

Nancy Berkley's advice for women golfers everywhere ... and it’s not about how to hit the ball.

Luxury European Golf River Cruise – July 2018

A unique 7-day golf and privately chartered cruising experience combining great golf on top rated European courses and a 5-Star River Cruise.

Taking the Next Step – Women’s Golf Day 2017

In her latest Notes from Nancy for the Women's Golf Newsletter, Nancy Berkley celebrates the success of the 2017 Women Golf Day and looks at the opportunities it has created.

First Aid for the Golfer: What to Carry with You

Stay safe and comfortable on the course. Registered Nurse and golf blogger, Heather Buck, has the essential First Aid kit for your golf bag.

Impact! – Watch the Collision of the Clubhead and Ball

Deb Vangellow from the Riverbend Country Club in Houston has a quick swing thought to help you swing through the ball not hit at it.

Meet Lauren Freyvogel of the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour

Ashley Osiecki profiles Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour player, Lauren Freyvogel, who recently qualified for the Symetra Tour's Women’s Health Classic.

Team Europe’s Players To Watch in the 2017 Solheim Cup

Becky Gee looks at six players likely to make headlines for Team Europe in the 2017 Solheim Cup.

What I learned from Playing College Golf – Sarah Bertram

College Golf Recruitment Expert, Brandi Jackson talks to Gardner-Webb graduate, Sarah Bertram, about her College Golf experience.

Get More Women Playing Golf by Running a Taster Session

Would you like to encourage more players at your local golf course? English golfer, Kerry Cooper shows how it's done with her spectacularly successful Taster Golf Session.

An Interview with LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan

LPGA Commissioner, Mike Whan talks with Nancy Berkley about risks and rewards, the Lexi Thompson ruling, Topgolf, and much more!

Lindsey Weaver – Following a Lifelong Dream

Getting to know Symetra Tour player Lindsey Weaver and her “Road to the LPGA”

Nancy Berkley’s Solheim Cup 2017 Preview

What you need to know as we lead up to the 2017 Solheim Cup in Des Moines, Iowa.

Join LPGA Player, Giulia Sergas for a Dream Golf Experience in...

Enjoy amazing golf, cultural and culinary experiences in Italy with Olympian and Solheim Cup Player, Giulia Sergas.

Women in Golf – On Their Way to Getting the Appreciation...

What history has taught us about the women’s role in life and on the golf course by Summer Anderson.

Keseree 🇵🇭 | Swing Review by Deb Vangellow

Deb Vangellow analyses the swing video sent in by Filipina architect, Keseree, and gives her some ideas on how to turn her hook into a powerful controlled draw.

How to Find Your Midsummer Form in a Hurry

Celine Boutier takes the Symetra Tour's Women's Health Classic and Allie White shakes off the rust in Greenwood.

Rising Stars on the 2017 Symetra Tour

Bret Lasky highlights some of the exciting, high performing US and international players after 6 events on the 2017 Symetra Tour.

Why Teach Golf to Your Kids? A Message from a Mom

Nancy Berkley on the wonderful benefits of getting on the golf course or driving range with your children.

Hit your Driver straight and FAAAAARR! – Kristin Walla

Kristin Walla has some great tips to help you set up to get distance and accuracy from your tee shots every time.