Setup and Swing Advice for Playing the Knockdown Shot

A new year is upon us! It is during this time people start talking about their New Year’s Resolutions or as I like to call them New Year’s Progressions.  Even though shedding some pounds and getting stronger can help you drop some unwanted strokes off your game, having another shot in your arsenal can help with eliminating strokes as well.

The more shots you have in your arsenal, the more confident you’ll be on the golf course.

The knockdown shot is a great shot to learn and try to master.  However, when average golfers or even better players try to execute this shot; they can fall short if they don’t understand the “how”.

Here are a few key elements to help you master this shot:

The first thing you need to understand about the knockdown shot is that it’s a control shot, remember we’re trying to control the spin and trajectory, so proper setup is key.


Most of the time players are out of position at address.  As a result, they use their hands to control the ball flight which causes an inconsistent trajectory.

Kat Reeves Womens golf
Kat Reeves, Knockdown shot setup – DC Bohannon photography

Take Two Extra Clubs
If you were going to use a 9-iron you will now use a 7-iron.

Solid Set Up
Make sure your posture is solid and your feet are gripping the ground.

Weight distribution
Make sure your weight favors your lead leg at about 60% – 40%.

Ball Position
Play the golf ball two balls back in your stance from the center, closer to your right foot if you’re a right-handed player.

Club Shaft Angle
The grip end and shaft of the club will lean forward. This is a result of the clubhead being back in your stance and your weight forward.  Do not press your hands forward.

Swing Advice

While keeping the weight forward make a controlled three-quarter swing, feeling your body take the club back and through impact. It’s very important that you remember to keep your arms/elbows soft throughout the motion.

Backswing knockdown shot positions Carlos Brown

Impact knockdown shot positions Carlos Brown

At your finish, like in your backswing, you will stop with an abbreviated swing. The club and your body should be facing the target. The ball will come out low, rise a little and land.

follow through knockdown shot positions Carlos BrownTake these key elements to the practice range and soon you’ll be executing the knockdown shot. You will have more control and lower scores in 2017.

How to Play the Knockdown Shot in Golf Carlos Brown
Carlos Brown with Kat Reeves – Image: DC Bohannon photography


Katie ReevesBig thank you to my hard working student Katie “Kat” Reeves, who will be attending Midwestern State University next fall on a golf scholarship.

The outstanding photos in this article were taken by Daniel Bohannon from DC Bohannon photography. Call Daniel on 972-800-2110.


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