I have been playing golf all my life. I love all sports and since I was young I was very active, but I did not pick golf until the age of 9. Actually, it was the other way around: golf picked me!

Giulia Sergas Italy Dream Golf womens golf newsletterAfter high school, I was given a full playing scholarship at UCLA, and after just one year, I turned professional and joined the LPGA. More than 14 years have gone by, and the LPGA has been my home, my office, and my family.

There is so much more going on in professional golfer’s life that people do not know about. I have missed home, I had to skip my best friend’s graduation, my sister’s first son’s birth, all because I believed in that dream. My dreams have always pushed me to become better at the game we all love and to never give up.

In 2013, when I was selected by Liselotte Neumann to play for Europe in the Solheim Cup, I achieved one of the biggest goals a woman golfer could ever aim for. Another peak moment of my career was qualifying and playing in the Rio Olympics.

These events and experiences have made me feel comfortable with who I am and ready to embark on a new adventure – Italy Dream Golf. I have personally designed this travel business to provide you with the wonderful opportunity to travel to Italy, experience my country through my eyes, and enjoy playing golf with me on some of Italy’s best golf courses.

Many people consider an Italian vacation a dream, and I know that many people are worried about making the trip because of language and cultural differences. Through Italy Dream Golf I want to alleviate these fears and concerns. I know you will LOVE the experience of an Italian golf vacation personally escorted by me, and I will get a lot of enjoyment helping you enjoy Italy and explore some hidden gems in my beautiful country.


From historic cities to the rolling hills and charm of the countryside, we will explore the Italian experience that lives in the hearts of the native Italians. You will discover the beauty of antiquity, play my favorite golf courses and dine like a local.


Cà Amata Golf Club Venato Italy Dream Golf
Cà Amata Golf Club

Veneto is one of the twenty Italian regions, stretching from the Dolomite Mountains to the Adriatic Sea. Venice is its regional capital and biggest city, and it is where most of the visitors spend their time. Once you discover what awaits you just one or two hours away from Venice, you will fall completely in love with the North-East part of Italy.

Here is my golf, cultural, and culinary experience itinerary for you in Veneto.


Tuscany - Golf Club Castelfalfi Giulia Sergas Womens Golf
The Golf Club Castelfalfi, in Tuscany

Tuscany is a region in the center of Italy and its capital is Florence. Its picturesque hills towns, historic cities, beaches, and countryside, make Tuscany one of Italy’s top travel destination.

A wonderful golf, cultural, and culinary experience itinerary is being designed for Tuscany in 2018

Please email info@womensgolf.com to receive details on the latest Tuscany itinerary and other information on your dream golf tour of Italy with Giulia Sergas.


Giulia Sergas biography Italy Dream Golf Womens Golf LPGAGiulia Sergas has been a Ladies European Tour player since 2000 and joined the LPGA in 2002 where she had 13 top ten finishes. In 2008 and 2012, Giulia tied for 6th and 4th at the US WOMENS OPEN.

In 2013 Giulia was selected in the European Solheim Cup team and 3 years later she represented Italy at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Italy Dream Golf logoGiulia Sergas’ latest adventure is her new golf travel business, Italy Dream Golf where she invites you to play golf and explore Italy with her to have fun and enjoy some wonderful Italian experiences normally unavailable to tourists.

Find out more about your dream Italian golf vacation by sending in the form on this page, visiting Guilia’s website at italydreamgolf.net, or by emailing her at info@italydreamgolf.com.

You can also follow Italy Dream Golf on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. This trip is a no brainer…. I hope to make the trip work in 2018…. Guilia is not only a world renowned figure in the circle of Women’s Professional Golf …. she is a wonderful person , full of life , love, and vigor to always achieve excellence in everything she does …. I have had the privilege of hosting this young lady twice , when she was on tour , and I will definitely take advantage of her wisdom and love for her home country and heritage…
    For not only golf, but for sharing her many secrets of Italy…. , in the very near future. Look forward to seeing You soon My Good Friend!!!


  2. Chewy and Mary, I will miss coming and visiting this year. You will be in my heart forever. Come to Italy soon. I cannot wait to see you


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