By Erika Larkin

Next time you are on the driving range, bring out a dry-erase marker.  (Make sure it’s NOT a sharpie) Go ahead and scribble all over the face of your club and hit a few shots. You will see impact marks on the clubface where the marker transferred to the golf ball. This will tell you where you are hitting it (high, low, toe, heel) and you can make some adjustments in your swing and setup to help. Consider how far away you are standing, tee height, ball position and hand rotation through impact. If you are a slicer and your impact point is in the heel, just turning over your hands a little earlier through impact will help center the impact point (opposite for a hook).

I hope this is helpful to you.  It’s cheaper and easier than face-tape or spray powder and wipes off easily without affecting ball spin or distance.

Find Out Your Point of Impact on the Clubface

Regular teaching contributor Erika Larkin is a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher based in Virginia Oaks Golf Club in Gainesville,VA.

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