When the ball is sitting down in the rough or against the collar when you are around the putting surface, using your hybrid is a good decision!

Why a hybrid is a great choice

  • The flat-bottomed sole will not get stuck in the grass like your putter or irons.
  • There is plenty of loft to get the ball in the air to get the ball rolling on line.
  • The ball comes off the club face fairly fast so you can use a smaller swing reducing the margin for error that you can get with a bigger swing.

Here’s how to set up with your hybrid around the green

  • Take a narrow stance and stand closer to the ball like a normal chip set up.
  • The ball position should be off the trail foot (away from the target).
  • Your weight or pressure should be on the lead foot (toward the target).
  • The grip should be a little forward of the club head.

The Stroke: Just like your putting motion

  • A small relaxed putting motion will do the trick, no need to try and help the ball up in the air.
  • The club head will not go above your knees.
  • Hold your finish in good balance for better contact and distance control!

By following these steps you can take what can be a very difficult troublesome shot and make it easy by using your hybrid.


Elana King womens golf
Elana King

Elena King is a LPGA Class A Teaching Professional. Since founding ExperienceGolf in 2008, Elena has been recognized as one of Colorado’s elite golf professionals. Her dedication and success empowering her students to perform at their personal best has earned her some of the sports’ most prestigious awards.

  • Top 50 LPGA Teachers presented by Women’s Golf Journal
  • FCG Top 25 Elite Junior Coaches in the USA
  • Golf Digest Best in State CAGGY Award – Best Instructor for Women
  • LPGA T&CP Central Section Senior Division Champion
  • LPGA Teacher of the Year – Central Section
  • Golf Digest Junior Development Award

Elena King teaches at CommonGround Golf Course, in Aurora, and Meridian Golf Club, in Englewood, Colorado. Contact Elena at eking@experiencegolf.biz

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