Canada’s Brooke and Brittany Henderson, the most famous golfing sisters in professional golf, may get some competition in the future from Royal Norwich Golf Club‘s Hope and Eve Neild.

Hope (15) and Eve (12) both started playing at just 8-years-old and are already representing their club and County in local and national competitions. After spotting them on social media, we caught up with the talented Neild sisters for a Q&A interview.

Hi Guys, we love family golf stories because it is so much fun to share the experience of getting into the game. How did you two start?

Hope Neild - Girls Golf womens golf magazine
Hope Neild has seen her handicap drop from 36 to 9 in the last two years.

Hope:  My Dad first took me to our local driving range to see if I would like golf, as he thought it might be a sport that we could play together when I got older.  I loved it, so my Dad arranged for me to have some group lessons at our local driving range.

Eve: When Hope started to have golf lessons, I wanted to practice too!  My first set of clubs was a Barbie set, which I loved!  We joined our local golf club and went to the weekly scholarship lessons, which are run by PGA Professional, Neil Lythgoe.

Once you’re hooked, you realize how many different aspects to the game there are. What do you love most about the golf?  

Eve and Hope Neild - womens golf newsletter
Eve and Hope Neild

Hope: I love that golf is always a challenge, I like practicing different parts of the game & setting goals to achieve throughout the season.  I also enjoy entering competitions and testing myself on new courses and against better players, which helps me to improve my game. This year I agreed to become a Golf Ambassador for England Golf, which is all about helping younger players start to play.  So I now help some of the younger players at our club & I’m really enjoying doing this.

Eve: Entering competitions, where you get the chance to play and meet new people.  I like the fact that you can play with people of all ages.  I love being outdoors and playing in all weather. It beats sitting indoors playing on a computer!

Comments from the Coach – Neil Lythgoe

Neil Lythgoe - womens golf magazine
Hope and Eve’s coach, Neil Lythgoe

I have been coaching Hope and Eve for four years now, and they both have the best attitude and temperament you could imagine. Their hunger to learn and strong desire to improve has made them extremely dedicated to the game and has already brought them both a lot of success.

They are a fantastic example to the younger members of our scholarship scheme and have given their time freely to help me with our younger groups.

With their great attitudes, happy demeanor, and strong work ethic I think this story could be the first of many, and whatever success they achieve couldn’t happen to two nicer young people.

Neil Lythgoe – Royal Norwich Golf Club
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One of the reasons Girls Golf is growing so quickly is the example set by so many excellent young players on the LPGA and Ladies European Tour. Who are your favorites? 

Hope Neild Brooke Hendson Eve Neild Girls Golf
Taking the feature photo with LPGA star, Brooke Henderson.

Hope: My favorite player is Brooke Henderson.  My family went to watch the Women’s British Open at Woburn Golf Club this year. When Brooke had finished her round, I asked for her autograph, she was so nice and even signed her ball for me!

Eve: My favorite player is Lydia Ko … she is awesome!  I think she’s a great role model, as she always stays calm and has a smile on her face.  At the Women’s British Open, I also met Mo Martin, who was inspirational. She told Hope and me, that she hopes to be playing against us in the future!

I’d imagine that Brooke Henderson would say her extra long driver is her secret weapon! Which of your clubs is your favorite? 

Hope: My favorite club is my 60-degree wedge, as I love practicing with it & watching the high flight of the ball & hopefully, getting it close to the hole!

Eve: Until recently, I would have said my putter, but, as I’ve just shot my first hole in one with my 8-iron, I’m going to say my 8-iron… who needs a putter?!!! Haha.

Eve Neild Junior Girls Golf
Eve Neild with her 8-iron and hole-in-one golf ball.

It can’t be all about golf – what else do you two like doing?

Hope: I like playing squash and badminton and I like spending time with my friends.  I am also a supporter of West Ham United football club & go to games with my family.

Eve: I play lots of other sports, I love Netball & play Korfball for Norfolk County.  I know most people will never have heard of Korfball, but it is a cool sport, it’s a mix between Netball & Basketball.

Thank you Hope and Eve – it’s been wonderful finding out all about you both. Please thank your parents, John and Sam Neild, for their help in getting this all together. readers can watch Hope and Eve’s progress in golf by following Hope on Twitter (@hopeneild) and Instagram (@hopeneild) and Eve on Instagram (@eve_golf_).