There are a few things that are unique about hitting the big stick – It’s the longest club with the biggest clubface in your bag and because we can hit it off a perfect lie every time, we don’t have to hit the ground anymore to get the ball in the air.

Here’s how to hit your driver straight and FAAAAARR!


  1. Ball position forward
  2. Right Shoulder Back
  3. Spine tilt away from target
  4. Let your arms stay fluid and free!



Kristin Walla womens golf contributorKristin Walla is an LPGA professional and played D1 College Golf at the University of Texas. She has worked at the Jim McLean Golf Schools with players from all over the country and all skill levels. Kristin has played professionally on the LPGA Symetra Tour and enjoys teaching both beginners and elite players at Orinda Country Club in Orinda, CA and Peacock Gap Golf Club in San Rafael, CA.  Kristin’s teaching credo is “Golf doesn’t have to be hard.” There are a lot of ways to learn golf, but none as fun as the Walla Way.

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