Golfing With Ida from Dustin Cohen on Vimeo.


We caught up with renowned photographer and filmmaker Dustin Cohen to talk about his heartwarming short film Golfing with Ida. Here is the story:

I had been hearing stories about Ida Pieracci from my parents out in San Jose, California for a couple of years.  She’s a bit of a legend at their golf course, still out playing regularly at 102 years old, still laughing and cracking jokes with everyone. Equally as amazing is that she has racked up 11 holes-in-one just on that course. When I finally had the opportunity to meet Ida early last year, I just felt like this was one of those stories that needed to be told.  
Not too long after that, a cinematographer friend and I filmed Ida golfing with some friends as well as interviewed her the same afternoon in San Jose. San Jose Country Club was incredibly helpful and let us set it all up and film on a day the course is normally closed, and even gave us a couple golf carts to run around with and shoot B Roll around the course.  
I worked with an editor friend on the piece, trying to keep it pretty short, fun, and sweet.  A nice quick watch to make people smile. She has such a personality, it was a fun one to make.  And you can hear my laughter come through a couple times in the video, kind of proves how genuine it all is.
Golfing With Ida – A Film by Dustin Cohen

Dustin is a filmmaker and award-winning photographer living in Brooklyn. His curiosity for people and stories can be seen in his work with Rolling Stone, Billboard, and ESPN. His films have screened at Cinequest and Brooklyn Film Festivals, and his work is in the permanent collection at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Driven by his love of storytelling, Dustin approaches each assignment with endless energy and an openness to collaboration.

You can follow Dustin online at or Twitter @youlovedustin