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How to Stop Chunking the Ball Over Water

LPGA Teaching Professional, Kathy Nyman, demonstrates how to hit your wedge confidently over water and avoid chunking the ball.

How to Develop the Perfect Pre-Shot Routine

Lizzy Freemantle continues her series helping you to consistently play your best golf. In this lesson, Lizzy explains how college golf taught her how to design a great pre-shot routine.

Cindy Miller’s Anti-Slice Drill

In this exclusive video, LPGA Legends Tour player Cindy Miller demonstrates how to permanently fix your slice.

My Quick Fix for Your Shank – Trillium Rose

There's nothing worse in golf than shanking the ball! In this video, Trillium Rose show you an easy way to get your swing on the right track and avoid the shank.

How to Play From a Downhill Lie

In this video, LPGA Top 50 Teacher, Kellie Stenzel, takes you through the steps for making solid contact with the golf ball on a downhill lie.

Play Smart Off the Tee and Save Shots

LPGA Top 50 Teacher, Kathy Hart Wood, shows that when you're facing a tough tee shot, just because you own the club doesn’t mean you have to swing it!

Finish Your Swing Left of the Target!

LPGA Master Professional Deb Vangellow's latest lesson covers the importance of completing the swing circle by finishing left of your ball target.

Using Your Hybrid Around the Green

In this video lesson, LPGA Teacher, Elena King demonstrates how using your hybrid can save you shots around the green.

Eliminate the Scoop in your Chipping

In this video lesson, Debbie O'Connell from Golf-Positive shows you how to improve your short game technique and lower your golf scores with her 'anti-scoop' chipping drill.


What Your Lead Knee Should Do During Your Backswing

In this video, Marvin Sangüesa shows how the correct use of the lead knee can get you to a powerful position at the top of the backswing to generate more speed and accuracy.

Top of the Swing Roller Coaster – Erika Larkin

By Erika Larkin Many golfers are stumped about what really happens at the “top” of the swing; how to properly and smoothly transition from backswing...

Focus on the Back of the Ball

By Erika Larkin Before you pull the trigger and take your swing, where are you looking?  At the ball?  Which part of the ball?  The...

Core Golf Swing Exercise – Karen Palacios-Jansen

Karen Palacios-Jansen's core golf swing exercise video will help you with your body motion to improve your turn and weight shift.

Getting Power and Consistency into your Golf Swing

Key tips from professional golfer Hannah Davies to fix two of the common faults in your golf game and get some power and consistency into your golf swing.

Using the Tennis Posture in Golf

Good posture allows your body to move correctly and stay balanced. In this video tip, Anne Rollo shows you how using the tennis posture will help your golf.


How to Chip and Pitch Consistently

The ability to control delicate shots around and into the green is the mark of a great player. The good news is you don't...

Using Your Hybrid Around the Green

In this video lesson, LPGA Teacher, Elena King demonstrates how using your hybrid can save you shots around the green.

Short Game Imagery to Help you Around the Green

LPGA Master Professional, Deb Vangellow on using aircraft landing imagery to get creative around the green.


Deb Vangellow’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Putter

by Deb Vangellow Just as irons and woods should be custom fit to your individual stance and swing, so should your putter.  While the importance...

How to Stop Decelerating on your Putts

In this video, Marvin Sangüesa from the Joey D Golf Performance Center, and Hayley Kaplan demonstrate a simple drill to help you stop leaving your putts short

Putt With Your Sand Wedge?

Maria Palozola shows you that when you are faced with a tough lie up against the fringe or the first cut. you should try to putt with your sand wedge.


Don’t Get ‘Trapped’ in the Sand

For many of us, the sight of a sand trap creates anxiety. Understanding the modifications you must make to your already solid full swing set-up and how to use the sand wedge can help bunker play to become a strong part of your golf game.

How to Play From an Uphill Lie in a Bunker

In this video, LPGA Hall of Fame teacher, Nancy Quarcelino demonstrates the club selection and technique you need to get the ball close to the flag from an uphill lie in a bunker.

Should You Open Your Clubface in the Bunker?

Maria Palozola shows you how to open your clubface in the bunker to make getting out of the sand simple and fun.


How to Play Great Cold Weather Golf – Carlos Brown

Acclaimed instructor, Carlos Brown highlights 3 tips for playing your best golf in cold weather conditions.

The Secret of Golf is in the Mind – Louise Ball

by Louise Ball. Before Ben Hogan became the great player he was, he was known as “Hooking Hogan”. To fix this, Hogan’s “secret” was cupping...

How to Enter the Flow State in Golf

Sport psychologist, Dr. Nick Molinaro explains how the right pre-competition preparation can help golfers get into the high performance state of 'flow'.


Use Balance to Overcome Golf’s Biggest Struggles

Tiffany Faucette explains how understanding your body position and balance can help combat the bad habits that bring down your game.

Three Keys to Golf Fitness

Karen Palacios-Jansen, National Vice President of the LPGA T&CP explains her top three golf fitness practices.

Golf and Fitness – The Karen Palacios-Jansen Interview

Karen, thank you for catching up with during your very busy summer schedule. You have a unique and very modern approach to teaching...

Practice Drills

Flip Your Club Upside Down for More Clubhead Speed

In this video, former LPGA Tour player, Cindy Miller demonstrates how to generate more distance with a practice drill guaranteed to increase your clubhead speed.

How Do You Practice Golf?

Dr. Nick Molinaro with the help of LPGA Tour Player, Diana D'Alessio, shows you how to practice golf optimally and get the most out of your game.

How to Set Up Alignment Sticks

In this video, Director of Instruction at Sherwood Country Club, Lucy Davies demonstrates how to get the most benefit from practicing with alignment sticks.


Deb Vangellow on Growing the Game Through Teaching

We were thrilled when National President of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals accepted our...

12 Steps to Getting the Most Benefit From Your Golf Lessons

Learning to play golf is fun and rewarding. Here's how to make the most of your golf lessons by National President of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals, Deb Vangellow.

Finding the Right Golf Coach for You and Your Junior

Invest in yourself and find an expert golf coach to help you improve. Alison Curdt's advice for finding a good instructor.

Trillium Rose – Women’s Golf Report Podcast

Rick Woelfel and Director of Instruction at Woodmont Country Club, Trillium Rose, discuss what to expect from a golf lesson and what it takes to break bad habits.

Thoughts From a Teacher Who Loves to Teach People How to Play Golf

by Deb Vangellow LPGA Master Professional Reflection is something we, as teachers, do often: what was good,...


First Aid for the Golfer: What to Carry with You

Stay safe and comfortable on the course. Registered Nurse and golf blogger, Heather Buck, has the essential First Aid kit for your golf bag.

Shopping for New Sticks

I admittedly am “one of those people” that can only last maybe about fifteen minutes… a half hour tops…. shopping around. Honestly! I am...

How to Buy New Golf Clubs – Deb Vangellow

Many golfers today play with clubs that are too stiff, too flat, and too little lofted. The result is that many of us are...


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