Hi Fiene, Thank you for being our latest featured young player. What made you want to start playing the game?

Fiene Nagtegaal girls golf womens golf newsletterI started playing golf when I was around 10. I didn’t start playing because of my dad or because any of my family members played golf. It all started when I was on vacation in Spain with my family. At the hotel we were staying in there was a women’s pro tour event going on. We decided to go and check it out for fun but didn’t really know anything about golf.

We started following the Dutch girls playing in the event. They noticed that I was Dutch and they started talking to me while they were playing. After the 18-holes that day we talked and it turned out we had a lot in common and they used to play field hockey like I used to at the time but in the end, they chose to quit field hockey and to focus on golf. Having them talk to me and relate to me on a personal level caused me to be very interested in golf and I wanted to try it as soon as I could when I came back home.

Where do you play and practice?
I am a member of Jonathans Landing Golf Club where I practice almost every day. I like that I have the option of playing on three courses so I can challenge myself and they also offer great practice facilities.

What are you working on with your coach, Marvin Sangüesa and what do you like about his coaching style?
I have been working on coming more from the inside instead of over the top. I’m currently still working on that with Marvin and I’ve been making progress little-by-little. What I like about Marvin is that we can laugh and joke around about random things, it doesn’t have to be serious all the time which I’ve experienced with previous coaches that I’ve worked with. It gets boring after a while but with Marvin, it doesn’t because we always laugh and make jokes while playing golf.

Coach Marvin Sangüesa’s Comment

marvin-sanguesa-fiene“I’ve Been working with Fiene for about two months now and she’s come a long way. Not just with her swing but her overall game. Even though she’s just 15 she handles and views the game like an adult.

Yes, of course, there are times when she gets discouraged but she handles the ups and downs like a pro. You have to enjoy playing the game or else it’s quite easy to just quit. I see her smiling a lot more and truly having a blast out there again.

As a coach it’s always a treat to see my students having fun in the end it’s just a game. Look forward to the future as her game develops towards the collegiate level.” – Marvin Sangüesa

What do you love most about golf?
I have a love-hate relationship with golf. I’ve gone through some rough patches where I was ready to just give up but then I thought about all the things I love about it such as hitting those great shots that feel so powerful but at the same time so effortless. it amazes me how a person can hit something as tiny as a golf ball and controlling the direction and distance. The social aspects are also definitely something I like because I’ve noticed that the people I’ve met through golf are so nice and are always supporting each other, complimenting and helping other people and that is very important.

Which players do you like to watch?
I don’t really have a favorite player at the moment. I love watching golf on tv and I’ll support players such as Thomas Pieters, Rory Mcllroy, Jason Day, and Jordan Spieth. I especially love watching European players because I was born and raised in Belgium. Watching these players from different parts of the world come together and play in tournaments just for the title and honor is something I really enjoy.

Follow Fiene’s progress on Instagram – @fienenagtegaal_golf

Fiene Nagtegaal Womens Golf Instagram
Been working really hard on fixing my swing as well as my short game. Quite content with my progress so far….working with my coach and the team at @joeydgolf I feel I have the right group of people around me to help me reach my goals!

One last question, What are your current goals and aspirations for your golf.
Right now my goal is to break 80 because I am on the edge of breaking 80 and shooting in the 70’s. I’ll be working on coming from the inside and my putting because I’ve noticed that my putting right now is definitely something that is holding me back from breaking 80.

Thank you, Fiene – great to see you making such excellent progress. You are now officially on our list of players to watch 🙂 Keep on having fun and enjoying your golf!



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