For the latest of our Symetra Tour player profiles, it was great to catch up with 2016’s opening event winner, Erynne Lee, for a quick Q&A.

Do your fellow players call you Erynne or have you got a nickname?
Since this is my first year on tour, I have yet to receive a nickname on tour. My two nicknames when playing for UCLA were froyo queen and Ernie. When you hear “froyo queen” it is exactly what it means – the queen of frozen yogurt. I have a slight addiction to frozen yogurt ever since I came down to UCLA and my teammates gave me that nickname.

There’s a great prospect for sponsorship 🙂 Where’s home base for your golf?
I play out of Hillcrest Country Club and Brentwood Country Club, both in West Los Angeles.

Who has been your biggest influence?
Definitely my parents. My dad introduced the game to me and my mom has been the anchor of my golf career. She took me to lessons, to practice and training, and to tournaments.

Erynne Lee Symetra Tour

What’s your favorite part of the game?
My favorite club is the putter. I just enjoy everything about putting and I feel so confident and comfortable over the ball. It’s exciting to visualize a putt, stroke it and see it trek to the hole.

If you could only play one course for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Of the courses I have played, I would play Aviara Golf down in Carlsbad. That’s where the LPGA play the KIA Classic. It is a very beautiful golf course with ginormous, speedy greens, which makes putting a bit more fun and exciting.

What aspect of your game are you working on at the moment?
I am working on accepting the major changes in my game and being OK with it all. I used to get too caught up with specific angles or positions in the technical elements of the swing. Now, I try to focus more on the quality of my shot and make sure that I am committed to what I visualized.

What’s been your biggest golf accomplishment so far?
My biggest golf accomplishment is winning my first Symetra Tour event, the IOA Championship, in February. After a disappointing second stage of LPGA qualifying school in 2015, I went through some major changes in my game and I found myself really unsure of my game to the point where I was even questioning my career as a professional golfer. To be able to come out to the first Symetra Tour event of the year and see all my hard work paying off was a huge stepping stone for me.


Who is the sportsperson you admire the most?
I have admired Lorena Ochoa since I was a junior golfer and she still is someone I really look up to although she has stepped away playing competitive golf. She is a warm hearted and down to earth person who is passionate about golf and continues to use her talent to help other people.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from playing on the Symetra Tour?
The biggest lesson is to read everything the officials send you at least twice. I don’t think I want to be penalized for breaking any rules.

That’s always good advice. Thank you Erynne! Congratulations on your win & good luck with the rest of the Symetra Tour season.


Erynne Lee IOA championErynne Lee was a member of the 2014 US Curtis Cup team and has First-Team All-America honors with UCLA. In February 2016, Erynne won the Symetra Tour’s season-opening IOA Championship at Tukwet Canyon Golf Club with a closing 7-under 65.

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