In the first of our Symetra Tour fast fun profiles, we feature Emily Tubert, a second-year player on the Road to the LPGA.

What do your friends on tour call you?
I don’t have a tour specific nickname but some people call me Tubes, Tubey, Em, ET, Tubert, or Emily. I answer to anything really lol.

Where’s home for Emily Tubert?
Burbank, California.

Who has been the biggest influence on your golf?
I’d say, my mom. She helps me with so much! She gives me direction. Although she doesn’t help me with my swing or short game,  mom has still had a huge influence on me and my golf.

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What is your favorite club or shot type?
I love all my clubs! I think putting is the best part of my game, so, of course, love my flat stick. I also hit it far so I like my driver 🙂 and I enjoy hitting 3/4 iron shots.

What part of your game are you working on at the moment?
I’m always working to strengthen my mind. This game is so mental, it’s important to keep that sharp. I’ve also started working with a new swing coach so there are some changes going on there. I’m excited!

What do you consider your biggest golf accomplishment to this point?
I think one of my biggest accomplishments was winning the 2010 USGA Women’s Amateur Public Links after playing golf for only five years. Also, representing our country in Scotland for the 2012 Curtis cup was an amazing experience.


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The Symetra Tour is known as “the Road to the LPGA” and since 1999, it has been designated as the LPGA’s official qualifying tour.

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