For all those players who would like to get a little more distance off the tee, there are a few key pieces to achieving driver distance.

In case you can’t have the sound up on the video, here are the steps to getting more driver distance.

Let’s start with the setup, which I believe is one¬†of the strongest fundamentals and will bring you the most consistency when properly¬†executed.

Fingers of the left hand/ let the hands work together as one unit

Inside the left heel

hips square to the ground, tilt the spine slightly to the right positioning your left ear
behind the ball at address

left arm long and right arm relaxed with zero pressure, slightly lower left shoulder due to the spine angle

Now to the swing –

The driver motion is a sweeping motion where you basically want to sweep the ball off the tee with a very shallow path at the bottom.

The swing to the top is a full rotation and pivot into the right hip (for a right-hander) being careful not to sway off the ball to the top, then simply get to your left leg, this will allow you to start the forward swing with your lower left side and promote a consistent finish to the target.

Good Luck – enjoy your new distance with the driver!



Susan Vail
Susan Vail

After completing a collegiate career which included All American honors and NCAA
Championship Titles, Susan’s career in golf has taken her to opportunities in Michigan, North Carolina and South Florida where she paired with the nation’s top instructors to grow the game of golf.

In 1998, Susan joined forces with the PGA of America where she supported numerous major championships in an on-site management role. A PGA member since 1996, Susan has been active in both sectional tournaments and career enhancement programs including section awards and PGA Ambassador travel and instructional destination programs.

A constant theme in her career has been her ability to analyze and teach the golf swing. This was finely tuned while working alongside Craig Harmon at McArthur Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida where teaching became her passion. This led to Director of Instruction positions at TPC Eagle Trace and Northville Hills Country Club. Currently, she is Teaching Professional at The Learning Center at Abacoa Golf Club.

Pink Peg GolfSusan is the founder of Pink Peg Golf she is growing the game through Apple‚Äôs latest¬†women’s golf training app, Pink Peg where you can have her expertise in your pocket!¬† For more information on Pink Peg Golf go to¬†¬†and follow @pinkpeggolf on Twitter.

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