Daisy Nielsen

Daisy Nielsen is a Danish touring professional playing on the Ladies European Tour.

Our Facebook post of Daisy Nielsen proved that people know a great golf swing when they see it. Daisy Neilsen’s swing video has, so far, been seen by 1.2 million of our followers and their friends, and the hundreds of comments are extraordinary.

” This is truly one of the best actions I have seen in my 30+ years of teaching…. she might rule the world.”  Tom Patri

Wow 2 words – Iron Byron – Mario Calmi

After that incredible reception we just had to catch up with Daisy.

Other than Michelle Wie, we’ve never had a swing video go viral like yours did! When did you realize that golf would be so important in your life?
I was about 10 or 11 years when I knew I wanted to play golf as a career. I loved being on the golf course and I always loved practicing from an early age.

There are lots of sports to choose from, what was the appeal of the game for you?
What I enjoy most about golf is actually just being outside on a golf course. It is a great game that you can play with everyone no matter age or level. I also love is the fact that you can always improve yourself.

Daisy Neilsen Ladies European Tour

Where do you play and practice?
I have just moved to Viborg, but I play and practice at my home club Aalborg. Originally I am from Frederikshavn where I started playing golf.

What part of the game is your favorite?
I don’t really have a favorite club, but I do have a favorite shot, and that is the drive. Nothing feels like a good solid drive in the middle of the fairway. I am working on hitting more fairways and getting more consistent with my tee shots, so that might be why my favorite is a drive.

You have such a strong and beautifully timed swing, who is your coach and what are you working on at the moment?
My coach is David Dickmeiss from the Danish Golf Union and Silkeborg Ry Golf Club. David has been my coach since I was about 11 years old. Right now I am working on getting a bit more consistent in all parts of my game, especially the mental side of golf.

The biggest influences on my golf have been my coaches during the past years, especially David, but I also must thank my parents who have supported and encouraged me.

Coach David Dickmeiss

David Dickmeiss - Daisy Nielsens coachDaisy is hitting it a long way for her size, and she is very good in the long game when she is playing well. She is especially strong with iron shots to the green.
We are mostly working on the mental game – on letting go and not taking too much control because this causes her to be too tense when playing and effects the timing in her swings. Technically we are working on a little more width to her arc coming through the ball.  

Which player do you admire most?
My favorite player at the moment might be Rory Mcilroy. I haven’t seen him play in person, but he seems very fearless, which I like.

We are going to watch your progress closely because we can’t wait to see how far you go. Tell us about your current goals and plans for the future.
In the short term, I would like to qualify for the LPGA and keep my card on the Ladies European Tour. I would like to get more consistent because I know I can hit great shots, but my bad ones are a little too bad right now.

In the long term, I would like to become the best golfer I can and hopefully that is enough to become one of the best players in the world!

Fantastic! We think you will get there … Good Luck.
Finally, where can people follow you online?
At the moment I do not have a website, but people can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.