Do you consistently hit your pitches too far?

It could be all about where you are LANDING the ball.

This sounds obvious, but next time instead of looking at the pin when you are about to pitch, look at the spot on the green that you think you should LAND the ball, this will be roughly half way between you and the hole

Quite often we concentrate so much on the hole that we end up landing the ball at the hole and then, of course, it goes over the back of the green.

You need to allow for the roll of the ball, so work out your landing spot and concentrate on that instead and don’t even look at the hole.

This applies to all your short shots: pitching, chipping, and bunkers.

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The visual above is from my ‘Passport to Great Golf’ tips book. It’s a great little ‘take on the course with you’, guide with loads of playing and mental tips. Contact me for a copy.

Quick Tip: The length of your backswing and follow through should be the same when pitching and chipping, This allows for a consistent strike and acceleration through the shot and consistent distance.
For a longer pitch use a longer backswing and follow through and for a shorter pitch a shorter backswing and follow through.

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Feature image: Prima Thammaraks – Winner of the 2017 RACV Gold Coast Challenge – David Burness Kinetic Images.



  1. Use of the 8 iron was discussed yesterday. I have not tried it., but will see if I can do it the way you describe. Thank you.


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