Evan Schiller - 5th Hole Cabot Cliffs

Photographing Cabot Links

World renowned golf course photographer, Evan Schiller, starts his 'Behind the Shoot' series with the breathtaking Cabot Links in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Caddie Academy womens golf website and newsletter

Caddie Academy Program for Girls can lead to full Evans Scholarship

The Western Golf Association’s (WGA) Caddie Academy program is in its 6th year of providing young caddies with life changing opportunities.
Inbee Park World Golf Hall of Fame Museum - WomensGolf.com

Inbee Park Goes Back To Back to Back In Major Championships

Travis Puterbaugh begins his Women's Golf Highlights from the World Golf Hall of Fame series with a look at Inbee Park's spectacular major year in 2013.
Womens Golf How to get more women playing golf taster session

Get More Women Playing Golf by Running a Taster Session

Would you like to encourage more players at your local golf course? English golfer, Kerry Cooper shows how it's done with her spectacularly successful Taster Golf Session.
Summer Anderson Womens golf magazine

Women in Golf – On Their Way to Getting the Appreciation...

What history has taught us about the women’s role in life and on the golf course by Summer Anderson.
LPGA - USGA Girls Golf womensgolf.com

Why Teach Golf to Your Kids? A Message from a Mom

Nancy Berkley on the wonderful benefits of getting on the golf course or driving range with your children.
Katherine Perry and Allie White Womens Golf PKBGT

The Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour: Past Meets the Present

The Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour works in partnership with LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program to encourage growth in girl's golf through quality competition.
Landon Funk Womens Golf

My Father, My Champion

The family connection in golf has always been strong. What better way to teach our children the importance of character and getting along with others. This month we introduce Landon Funk, a great Californian writer, with this beautiful golf tribute to her father.