First Aid for the Golfer: What to Carry with You

Stay safe and comfortable on the course. Registered Nurse and golf blogger, Heather Buck, has the essential First Aid kit for your golf bag.

Get More Women Playing Golf by Running a Taster Session

Would you like to encourage more players at your local golf course? English golfer, Kerry Cooper shows how it's done with her spectacularly successful Taster Golf Session.

Women in Golf – On Their Way to Getting the Appreciation...

What history has taught us about the women’s role in life and on the golf course by Summer Anderson.

Why Teach Golf to Your Kids? A Message from a Mom

Nancy Berkley on the wonderful benefits of getting on the golf course or driving range with your children.

The Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour: Past Meets the Present

The Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour works in partnership with LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program to encourage growth in girl's golf through quality competition.

My Father, My Champion

The family connection in golf has always been strong. What better way to teach our children the importance of character and getting along with others. This month we introduce Landon Funk, a great Californian writer, with this beautiful golf tribute to her father.

My Thoughts on the Proposed Rules of Golf Modernisation

Céline Graciet from England's Brighton & Hove Golf Club, looks at the rules of golf changes recently proposed by the R&A and USGA.

Politics and Perceptions of Women’s Golfing Abilities

Dr. Kelly Price discovers a remarkable study showing a connection between tee box positions for women and the prevailing politics in the local area.