College Golf

US College golf is thriving and gives young women the opportunity to hone their skills and mental approach in preparation for a lifetime of fun in golf or even the start of a golf career. Read about College Golf from expert writers including Brandi Jackson.

The JMU College Womens Golf Team Brandi Jackson

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Golf Experience

College Golf recruitment advisor, Brandi Jackson shares some of her college photos and expert advice on the best 4 years of your life.
Sarah Bertram Brandi Jackson Womens Golf Newsletter

What I learned from Playing College Golf – Sarah Bertram

College Golf Recruitment Expert, Brandi Jackson talks to Gardner-Webb graduate, Sarah Bertram, about her College Golf experience.
brandi jackson womens golf magazine college golf

How to Decline a College Golf Scholarship Offer

College Golf Recruiting Consultant and former LPGA player, Brandi Jackson, shares her advice on how to turn down a coach's offer with respect and grace.
When the college golf coach is watching Brandi Jackson womens golf

When a College Golf Coach is Watching

College Golf Recruiting Consultant, Brandi Jackson has some great advice on how players (and parents) should behave when a college golf coach is watching them play or practice.
College Golf for Girls Womens Golf Magazine Alyssa Gaudio

When it Comes to College Scholarships for Junior Golfers: Advantage Girls

Golf writer, John Mooshie looks at the many college golf opportunities for young women particularly in Division III schools.
womens golf article on social media and college golf

How Social Media Can Help or Hurt Your College Golf Chances

College Golf recruitment consultant, Brandi Jackson, has some expert advice about the right and wrong ways to use social media to influence your college golf prospects.

Inside the Life of a College Golf Coach

Brandi Jackson looks at the dedication and sacrifices made by college golf coaches to guide their players and build a winning program.
Amanda Blumenherst womens golf

The Golf Channel “On Air” with Amanda Blumenherst

Allie White talks to Amanda Blumenherst after her recent NCAA Championship broadcasting experience with The Golf Channel.