Amanda Blumenherst womens golf

The Golf Channel “On Air” with Amanda Blumenherst

Allie White talks to Amanda Blumenherst after her recent NCAA Championship broadcasting experience with The Golf Channel.

3M Augusta Invitational – Savanna Schubert

Savanna Schubert covers the recent 3M Augusta Invitational with video and interviews.
womens golf article on social media and college golf

How Social Media Can Help or Hurt Your College Golf Chances

College Golf recruitment consultant, Brandi Jackson, has some expert advice about the right and wrong ways to use social media to influence your college golf prospects.
Brandi Jackson 9 ways to lose your college golf chances

9 Ways to Lose Your College Golf Scholarship Chances

Brandi Jackson examines the 9 red flags that NCAA college coaches watch out for when selecting scholarship prospects.
The JMU College Womens Golf Team Brandi Jackson

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Golf Experience

College Golf recruitment advisor, Brandi Jackson shares some of her college photos and expert advice on the best 4 years of your life.
ellen breighner womens golf

Ellen Breighner – Kent State

by Pete Kelbel Ellen Breighner is one of the hardest workers I have coached. She is one of two girls that I have worked with...
beth brown girls golf first tee

Beth Brown – The First Tee

Beth Brown Ph.D. leads Chapter Programs and Research at The First Tee in Florida and an expert in introducing young people to the benefits of golf....
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How to Choose a Junior Golf Camp

Nick Rook's expert advice on how to choose the right golf camp for your junior golfer.