Tiffany Faucette Women's Golf Interview

Tiffany Faucette – Women’s Golf Report Podcast

Tiffany Faucette has had a long career in golf as a player, an instructor, and now, as an author and inventor. Tiffany is Rick Woelfel's guest on this edition of Women's Golf Report.
Catherine Lacoste - Womens Golf

Catherine Lacoste – The Only Amateur Winner of the U.S. Women’s...

"Smile at the ball" - Nancy Berkley interviews Catherine Lacoste of France, the 1967 U.S. Women’s Open Champion.
Lindsey Weaver womensgolf Symetra Tour

Lindsey Weaver – Following a Lifelong Dream

Getting to know Symetra Tour player Lindsey Weaver and her “Road to the LPGA”
Megan Osland Womens Golf Magazine Douglas Jay

Reflections from a Symetra Tour Player – Megan Osland 🇨🇦

An Up Close & Personal interview with Symetra Tour Sophomore Megan Osland and her journey to the Symetra Tour
Taylor Kim womens golf

Spotlight on Taylor Kim 🇨🇦

Douglas Jay talks to promising Canadian player on the Symetra tour, Taylor Kim, about her journey in golf and professional career aspirations.

Women’s Golf: an Academic Perspective

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care if women’s golf is studied by a bunch of professors?" - Dr. Kelly Price
Victoria Lovelady womens golf

Victoria Lovelady Representing Brazil at the Rio Olympics

Allie White catches up with her Symetra Tour roommate who is stepping onto the Olympic stage - Brazilian golfer, Victoria Lovelady.
Ashlan Ramsey womens golf interview

Getting to Know LPGA Rookie Ashlan Ramsey

Allie White interviews former world No.1 ranked amateur and 2016 LPGA Rookie, Ashlan Ramsey.