How Important is Balance in Golf?

Marvin Sangüesa describes the importance of balance in golf and, with the help of 9-year-old Layla, shows the best way to use a balance board.
Marvin Sanguesa Chipping article with Fiene

Improve your Chipping with Bounce

Marvin Sangüesa, with the help of Fiene Nagtegaal, shows you how to use the bounce of the club to really improve your chipping around the green.
Melissa - Marvin Sanguesa Hip Mobility womens golf

Create Hip Mobility for a Better Swing

Marvin Sangüesa explains how to enhance your golf flexibility with the Mountain Climbers exercise.

How to Master Your Backswing – Marvin Sangüesa

Marvin Sangüesa explains how to get the upper and lower body working together to achieve the best position at the top of the golf swing.
marvin sanguesa and caroline chisanga

Drive to Par – Getting to Scratch Golf in Two Years

by Marvin Sangüesa Although I taught the game at the PGA Learning Center for a number of years, I always felt that I could do more...