Maria Palozola Womens Golf Alignment Tip

Alignment – Should you Aim the Club Face or Your Body...

Maria Palozola explains that as you set up to your golf ball, you should aim your club face at the ball first and then aim the rest of your body in line with that initial aim point.
Maria Palozola Should You Open Your Clubface in the Bunker

Should You Open Your Clubface in the Bunker?

Maria Palozola shows you how to open your clubface in the bunker to make getting out of the sand simple and fun.

Putt With Your Sand Wedge?

Maria Palozola shows you that when you are faced with a tough lie up against the fringe or the first cut. you should try to putt with your sand wedge.

How to Avoid Hitting Behind the Ball

Hitting it fat is frustrating but there is good news. In my opinion, hitting behind the ball is actually much better than topping the ball.

How to Chip and Pitch Consistently

The ability to control delicate shots around and into the green is the mark of a great player. The good news is you don't...