Deb Vangellow

The latest instruction from National President of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals (T&CP), Deb Vangellow.

Kelly Shon Importance of the follow through womens golf photo Ben Harpring

Finish the Job – The Importance of the Follow Through

LPGA Master Professional Deb Vangellow shows how focusing on your finish position can help you to make your most consistent, athletic golf swing.
Impact watch the collision of clubhead and ball womens golf newsletter

Impact! – Watch the Collision of the Clubhead and Ball

Deb Vangellow from the Riverbend Country Club in Houston has a quick swing thought to help you swing through the ball not hit at it.
Keseree swing review Deb Vangellow Womens Golf

Keseree 🇵🇭 | Swing Review by Deb Vangellow

Deb Vangellow analyses the swing video sent in by Filipina architect, Keseree, and gives her some ideas on how to turn her hook into a powerful controlled draw.
Lexi Thompson Womens Golf Magazine and newsletter deb vangellow

How to Take the Perfect Divot

NO Grass No Up! LPGA Master Professional, Deb Vangellow outlines the things that need to happen in your swing to take a good divot when you hit a golf ball.
Lexi Thompson playing out of the rough womens golf

How to Play Out of the Rough

LPGA Master Professional, Deb Vangellow with her 7 steps for successfully getting your ball out of the rough.
Golf Instruction Deb Vangellow Riverbend Country Club

12 Steps to Getting the Most Benefit From Your Golf Lessons

Learning to play golf is fun and rewarding. Here's how to make the most of your golf lessons by National President of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals, Deb Vangellow.
Learning to putt consistently Deb Vangellow womens golf

Learning the Art and Science of Putting

National President of the LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals, Deb Vangellow describes all the factors for getting the ball into the hole with a consistent speed.
Paula Creamer deb vangellow bunker play photo by bob shank

Don’t Get ‘Trapped’ in the Sand

For many of us, the sight of a sand trap creates anxiety. Understanding the modifications you must make to your already solid full swing set-up and how to use the sand wedge can help bunker play to become a strong part of your golf game.