Lucy Davies Womens Golf Newsletter Womens Golf Magazine Putting Drill for Distance Control

Distance Control Putting Game

In this video, Lucy has a fun game for the practice putting green to give you confidence and distance control.
brandi jackson womens golf magazine college golf

How to Decline a College Golf Scholarship Offer

College Golf Recruiting Consultant and former LPGA player, Brandi Jackson, shares her advice on how to turn down a coach's offer with respect and grace.
Lexi Thompson Womens Golf Magazine and newsletter deb vangellow

How to Take the Perfect Divot

NO Grass No Up! LPGA Master Professional, Deb Vangellow outlines the things that need to happen in your swing to take a good divot when you hit a golf ball.
Megan Osland Womens Golf Magazine Douglas Jay

Reflections from a Symetra Tour Player – Megan Osland 🇨🇦

An Up Close & Personal interview with Symetra Tour Sophomore Megan Osland and her journey to the Symetra Tour
Notes from Nancy Berkley

Notes from Nancy – April 2017

In her latest Notes, Nancy Berkley looks at the first major of the year, spots Michelle Wie's fashion statement at the ANA, and comments on a recent article.
Landon Funk Womens Golf

My Father, My Champion

The family connection in golf has always been strong. What better way to teach our children the importance of character and getting along with others. This month we introduce Landon Funk, a great Californian writer, with this beautiful golf tribute to her father.
Rules of Golf Modernisation -

My Thoughts on the Proposed Rules of Golf Modernisation

Céline Graciet from England's Brighton & Hove Golf Club, looks at the rules of golf changes recently proposed by the R&A and USGA.
politics and the perception of womens golf abilities kelly price

Politics and Perceptions of Women’s Golfing Abilities

Dr. Kelly Price discovers a remarkable study showing a connection between tee box positions for women and the prevailing politics in the local area.