Elena King Using a Hybrid around the green Women's Golf

Using Your Hybrid Around the Green

In this video lesson, LPGA Teacher, Elena King demonstrates how using your hybrid can save you shots around the green.
Debbie O'Connell eliminate scooping the ball womens golf

Eliminate the Scoop in your Chipping

In this video lesson, Debbie O'Connell from Golf-Positive shows you how to improve your short game technique and lower your golf scores with her 'anti-scoop' chipping drill.
Carlota Ciganda Wins the 2016 LPGA KEB Hana Championship Womens Golf

Everything You Need to Know About the 2017 LPGA KEB Hana...

Tony Jesselli from Tony's LPGA Report sets up this week's start to the five-week Asian Swing.
Tennis Posture in Golf Anne Rollo Womens Golf

Using the Tennis Posture in Golf

Good posture allows your body to move correctly and stay balanced. In this video tip, Anne Rollo shows you how using the tennis posture will help your golf.
Kathy Nyman How to Stop Topping the Ball

Here’s What to Practice to Stop Topping the Ball

Topping the ball is a common cause of frustration for new golfers. In this video, LPGA teacher Kathy Nyman shows you easy ways for learning how to make good contact.
Sandra Gal Tony Jesselli Womens Golf

Profile of LPGA Player Sandra Gal

Tony Jesselli takes advantage of a week's break on tour to profile German star player, Sandra Gal.
RACV Gold Coast Challenge 2017 photo by David Burness

How to Play From an Uphill Lie in a Bunker

In this video, LPGA Hall of Fame teacher, Nancy Quarcelino demonstrates the club selection and technique you need to get the ball close to the flag from an uphill lie in a bunker.
Lizzy Freemantle womensgolf.com

The Moment of Truth – How to Get Repeatable Impact

UK based teaching professional, Lizzy Freemantle brings together the swing mechanics, timing and tempo that lead to repeatable impact and consistent ball flight.