As the season nears it’s halfway point, I would like to reflect on how amazing and new this experience feels, yet how acquainted and accustomed I am with the process. Growing up on the road, traveling from tournament to tournament as a kid, then in college, and now as an adult, there is a certain sense of nostalgia that comes along with this new experience. As of today, I can still say my sights are set on making the LPGA.

2016 continues onward, and as more tournaments come and go, I am truly starting to feel comfortable as I go from state to state, city to city, competing for an opportunity to make it onto the big stage. At first, I felt I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform at every tournament, so much so, that I would not allow my natural game to shine brightly.
But as time has passed, I’ve come to realize with the help of those around me, that this is not a one-time thing. If I truly want to become the professional that I feel I can become, I need to consider this, to use another sport’s metaphor, that this road I am on, this path I am pursuing, is a marathon, not a race.

Casey Kennedy Symetra Tour

Coming out of the Florida series of tournaments, I felt that I just needed to press on, all those around me felt the same way, but the will in me was definitely tested during this period of time. As I went to North Carolina, after no success in South Carolina, I saw my luck turning, and in Georgia, I saw all my hard work and effort come to fruition on the course… T-5.

With that reassurance of a T-5 finish, I no longer felt that I was just trying to get out there and do the best that I could and expect to make the cut, I started to notice that if I play for myself and put in the work and the effort, maybe, just maybe, I would be better on any given day, than others (who I personally believe are very talented and have every bit of the same chance of winning any tournaments we play on any given day). The bit of money I made in Georgia will help me continue my journey on the road, this money provides in me a sense of relief, and it also provides me an opportunity to continue my quest for a LPGA card.

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Coming down to the wire on making a decision to play before Albany, I was unsure if I would compete, glad I did. The course was beautiful, the Symetra Tour and Bret Lasky were gracious enough to include me in an interview opportunity on the sports segment for a local channel, and I got to play a very scenic and pretty course. All in all, aside from finishing in Top-20, I would say that it was a very great experience. It felt natural.
I woke up every day, went through my motions, and went out on the course and performed as best as I could, for myself. As we continue the season, I know there is a lot more of learning that will accompany my journey, but I am excited to get on the road and continue my chase for the LPGA Card.

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And lastly, I know golf is often seen as an individual sport, and a lot of focus and emphasis from my end may sound like a lot of language using, I, I, I… but for me to do what I do, it wouldn’t be possible without the people who support me day in and day out. I want to give thanks to all those who donate to my efforts, without your assistance, I wouldn’t be where I am today, with the opportunity to continue to make my dreams a reality. Also, those who assist me as best as they can by providing for me the things that they can offer, I also want to thank you. And to my sponsors, old ones such as Coastal Securities, Inc., and to my new ones, Biion Footwear and Angle New York, thank you for believing in me and my dream from the start, before I had any proven track record, and before I actually started to perform and get noticed on a grander scale. And lastly, to, you all owed me nothing, and yet, you believed in me, at times more than I believed in myself, and in part because of you all, I can say I am pursuing my passion.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


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