We believe that Casey Kennedy from Venice, Florida is destined to be a major force on the LPGA Tour – but first the Symetra!

Casey’s power game comes naturally but her results and dedication to hard work throughout her successful collegiate playing career with Augusta State supports her recent decision to turn pro and face the best golfers in the world on the Symetra and LPGA tours.

The ability to communicate well is a very important skill for professional golfers. We first spotted Casey Kennedy when we found this very polished video introduction produced by Felix Paden on YouTube.

Casey, do you have a favorite player who has been an inspiration?
Lorena Ochoa is one of my favorites because when she used to play, she dominated the LPGA, and she was a really calm, nice and sweet person. I really like her down to earth approach to the game.

On the men’s tour it’s Phil Mickelson because as a left handed player, he is unique, yet he has been able to stay in the top 10 of the world rankings for most of the last 15 years. He is a player that can make mistakes but still score really well. His attitude is an example to me that even though bad shots may happen, its important to never lose focus because the outcome can still be favorable, it all depends on vision and composure. Also, like Lorena, he is a really nice and is great with his fans.

You’ve picked two great champions there. What are the highlights of your golfing career so far? 
During my time in college I was able to win three individual events. This definitely made me feel that it would be possible for me to attain my goals as long as I dedicated myself and focused on becoming a better player every day.

Winning three college tournaments definitely boosted my confidence, and helped me to believe in myself.

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Recently, Scott Lockwood from the Venice Gondolier featured an interview with Casey Kennedy including some nice detail about her Casey’s excellent college golf record.

What are your immediate playing goals for 2015 and where would you like to be in golf in 3-5 years.
This year I want to gain experience on the Symetra Tour and try to get into as many tournaments as I can so that I have the opportunity to show my skills. I also want to qualify for the Women’s Open as well as some LPGA events via the Monday qualifiers. At the end of the year I’m aiming to do well in Q-School and hopefully advance to the final stage. 

Casey Kennedy – on the Road to the LPGA

In 3-5 years from now, I would like to have met my goal of obtaining an LPGA card and be competing week in and week out in LPGA events throughout the world. By the time 3 or so years have passed, I want to have learned more about composure, myself and my game.

I am confident I can do well as a tournament pro and I want to use that confidence and lots of hard work to succeed on the Symetra Tour and reach my goal of playing on the the LPGA Tour.

I love competing, and I love the game of golf, but its also very important to me that I keep improving as a person, on and off the course, and reminding myself where I’ve come from and all the people who have helped me.

Casey Kennedy profileCasey Kennedy is in the first days of what we think will be a long and successful career in professional golf. She is a credit to herself and an example to many other talented and hard working young women.

We hope that the sponsors and tournament organizers of the Symetra Road to the LPGA tour give Casey plenty of opportunities to demonstrate her ability.

You can support Casey Kennedy with a donation of any size on her fundraising page

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Women’s Golf is very happy to be supporting Casey Kennedy and Rachel Rohanna as part of our focus on the Symetra Tour as the Road to the LPGA.